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Batman ( - ). Originaltitel: Batman: The Animated Series. Gibt es Batman: The Animated Series auf Netflix, Amazon? Jetzt online Stream finden! Batman: The Animated Series steht bei deinen Streaming-Services nicht zur Verfügung? Finde etwas anderes, das dir gefällt! Jetzt loslegen. 60 Folgen. Die Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) umfasst 65 Episoden​. Die zweite Staffel trägt den Titel The Adventures of Batman and Robin ( Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Batman: The Animated Series / AT: Die Abenteuer von Batman und.

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Die Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) umfasst 65 Episoden​. Die zweite Staffel trägt den Titel The Adventures of Batman and Robin ( Batman: The Animated Series steht bei deinen Streaming-Services nicht zur Verfügung? Finde etwas anderes, das dir gefällt! Jetzt loslegen. 60 Folgen. Batman ( - ). Originaltitel: Batman: The Animated Series. Batman (OT: Batman: The Animated Series / AT: The Adventures of Batman & Robin, The New Batman Adventures) ist eine US-amerikanische Animationsserie​. Als Staatsanwalt Harvey Dent nach einem Essen vergiftet wird, stellt Batman fest, Batman the animated series aus den 90ern ist eine der Serien, mit denen ich meiner liebsten Episoden (Weihnachten mit dem Joker) als Stream geholt. Episodenführer Season 1: Batman: The Animated Series – Batman erfährt von einer ihm bislang unbekannten Verbrecherin, die sich als Katze verkleidet und. Batman (ursprünglicher Originaltitel: Batman: The Animated Series) ist eine US-.

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Disgraced fanatical warder of Arkham Asylum sets himself as a vigilante jailer. Second Chance. The Riddler has apparently gone straight, but Batman is not so sure.

The Lion and the Unicorn. Rupert Thorne hires steroid-enhanced mercenary Bane to eliminate Batman. Catwoman is trying to go straight, but is recruited by The Ventriloquist as a jewel thief.

Time Out of Joint. The Terrible Trio. A Bullet For Bullock. The Worry Men. Miserable Wayne Industries scientist Jervis Tetch is unable to pursue the girl he loves, Alice the secretary.

When she splits up from her boyfriend, he makes an advance and develops a fast friendship with her, until her boyfriend reconciles with her and proposes to her.

Enraged, Tetch decides to take matters into his own hands, and dons the mantle of the Mad Hatter , using his mind-control devices to force those who have wronged him all his life to become his mindless slaves.

This episode adapted the comic book story with the inclusion of the Scarecrow instead of Victor Zsasz and Dr.

Bartholomew instead of Jeremiah Arkham. The Scarecrow's scheme in this episode was used as a plot point in the film, Batman Begins.

Several rich industrialists are invited to the Eternal Youth Health Spa, and that's where they are last seen before disappearing. The only connection: they had something to do with the death of plants.

Bruce Wayne also receives an invitation although it was one of his greedy directors who nearly made the deal to destroy a rainforest before Bruce forced him to shut the operation down , but Alfred and his "lady friend", Maggie, go in his place.

When they do not return, Batman is forced to investigate, discovering that the spa is run by Poison Ivy, and that she has been using a formula to turn the industrialists into humanoid trees, including Alfred and Maggie.

Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning to find that his life is completely upside-down: his parents are alive, the Batcave does not exist, Alfred does not remember Robin, and he is engaged to Selina Kyle.

However, it doesn't mean that Batman isn't still around, and Bruce starts to wonder what has happened, especially after seeing the characteristics of a dream such as book and newspaper prints not making sense inside this new life.

Elliot S. Angered by Batman's deceit, Robin sets out to find Tony Zucco on his own, all the while plagued by the memories of his parents' death and how Bruce took him in as his own son.

Eventually, Batman manages to find Zucco at an old amusement park, but breaks his leg during the fight. Robin finally arrives and prepares to kill Zucco in revenge.

Steve Perry. A mysterious ninja is robbing Wayne Enterprises subsidiaries, and Batman discovers that the ninja is actually his equal in combat.

A grudge against Bruce Wayne and skills to match him can only mean one person: Kyodai Ken, an old rival of Wayne's teacher from his days in Japan, and who was thrown out of the dojo after attempting to rob it, only to be stopped by Wayne.

Ken, it turns out, wants revenge. Batman must stop Roland Daggett's plan to release a viral plague designed by Professor Milo into Gotham by way of its stray cat population.

The case gains new urgency when Catwoman becomes infected with the virus during her search for her missing cat, Isis.

Now, Batman must find an antidote to save the woman who loves him most. Strange's scheme in this episode was similarly used as part of the plot for Batman Forever.

Brynne Stephens. Several robberies take place at major companies, including Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce Wayne, as Batman, discovers the thief to be a mechanical briefcase.

Bruce meets with his old friend, Karl Rossum, an expert in robotics who lost his daughter to a vehicle accident years ago.

Bruce invites Duane to dinner, and around the same time, certain civilians start acting strangely. Most surprising is when Duane unexpectedly leaves Wayne Manor while Bruce is on the phone, and the entire Batcave turns on Batman.

Batman manages to free himself from the Batcave's clutches, and brings it back under his control, although he fails to track Duane down.

Barbara Gordon approaches Batman to inform him of her father's sudden change in behavior. A brutal fight between Batman and Detective Bullock ensues, during which Batman pushes Bullock onto the Bat Signal, and reveals him to actually be an android, meaning that the real Bullock and James Gordon have gone missing, and Batman knows who the culprit is: H.

Batman must stop the evil supercomputer before it is too late. Edward Nygma creates the video game The Riddle of the Minotaur for the company Competitron, but is fired by his superior Daniel Mockridge, who wants the profits for himself.

Nygma vows revenge, and takes up the mantle of the Riddler two years later. While Batman sympathizes with Nygma, he and Robin find themselves forced to stop him before he kills Mockridge in a life-sized version of the Minotaur maze.

Despite successfully rescuing Mockridge, who complete a deal to move his company to Gotham, the incident leaves him in a permanent all-consuming fear of Nygma's return for revenge.

The Joker sees this on the news and, enraged, escapes from Arkham again, with one thought on his mind: destroying the casino, unaware that this is exactly what Kaiser wants him to do as part of an insurance claim.

Selina Kyle is kidnapped by the villainous genetic engineer Dr. Emile Dorian and becomes his latest experiment to provide his man-cat hybrid named Tygrus with a mate.

Batman learns of this and comes to the island to rescue Selina. He is captured and forced into a deadly game of cat-and-flying mouse as Tygrus hunts Batman through the island's jungles.

The ninja's ransom for her is a scroll that teaches the location of the fabled Death Touch. Note : Loosely based on "Man-Bat Over Vegas", originally presented in Detective Comics , by Frank Robbins , with a number of alterations, including changes to keep the plot appropriate for the family-friendly rating of the television show.

In each of the four issues, one of Catwoman , Riddler , and The Joker all recount their claims to have killed the Batman.

However, the plot for "Almost Got 'Im" is quite different six stories in the show, and four completely different ones in the comic book , with only the Joker as an overlapping antagonist.

Two-Face's strategy in "Almost Got 'Im" strapping down Batman to a giant coin and flipping the coin in the air was taken from the comic; World's Finest Comics 30, September In a back-up tale both Batman and Robin were tied to a giant penny that was catapulted onto spikes by a lesser known villain, the Penny Plunderer.

Veronica Vreeland is looking for a way to create a splash with her next party, and arrives at the idea of having a former criminal in attendance — especially if there is one whose manners would create a stir.

The Penguin, who has recently reformed, fits the bill perfectly. In the process of convincing the Penguin to come to her party, Veronica finds she likes the corpulent little guy.

For his part, the Penguin begins to fall in love with her, until he overhears that he is merely being used Marty Isenberg and Robert N.

Seeking to prove once and for all that his is the superior mind, the Riddler lures Batman into a riddle-solving contest inside the virtual reality of a computer game in order to save Commissioner Gordon's life.

In the course of solving the riddles and escaping the Riddler's traps, Batman learns that he is able to manipulate the virtual reality landscape much like the Riddler does.

On the anniversary of the death of Bruce's parents, Batman accompanies Leslie Thompkins to Crime Alley to place roses on the spot where they were gunned down.

Batman had promised to be there, but arrives late to find a gun battle going on. He helps defeat the gangsters and arrest the Jazzman, but at a high cost—Gordon is severely wounded.

The incident traumatizes Batman and he contemplates giving up his crime-fighting career, despite the Jazzman escaping prison to carry out his personal vendetta against Gordon who had sent him to prison six years before.

When small-time gang member Sidney "The Squid" Debris played by Matt Frewer seemingly kills Batman by accident, he gets involved with gangs all over Gotham, as well as the Joker and Rupert Thorne, none of whom believe his story that everything that is happening is by preposterous happenstance.

Clayface is falling apart, literally. His clay-like body is disintegrating. Fortunately, a scientist he knew from his movie star days is working on a remedy.

However, Hagen is forced to steal money to pay for the expensive components of the remedy. That is, until one of his targets is Wayne Biomedical Labs Matthew Thorne played by Joseph Campanella , losing his medical license and forced into becoming the crime doctor by his older brother, crime boss Rupert Thorne, must perform delicate surgery on Rupert.

He can't do it alone, and kidnaps Dr. Leslie Thompkins to assist. Batman discovers Leslie's disappearance, and rushes to track her down — and has an additional interest in Matthew, because he was a medical school classmate of Bruce Wayne's father Thomas.

When the glamorous magician Zatanna is framed for a robbery during her act, Batman swings to her defense. Zatanna is grateful, though a little puzzled, by the Dark Knight's commitment to prove her innocence, but the two heroes unite and use the skills her father, Zatara , taught them to expose and combat the culprit: an evil illusionist named Montague Kane.

Note : The Penguin's scheme in this episode was adapted as part of the plot for the movie, Batman Returns.

When the Joker fires Harley for her incompetent, she tries going on a crime spree of her own, joining up with Poison Ivy, and the two become Gotham's Queens of Crime, much to the Joker's fury.

When Commissioner Gordon is framed for taking bribes from Rupert Thorne, his daughter Barbara pleads with Batman to show up at a rally being put on in the commissioner's behalf.

But when Batman disappears after finding the person behind the frame-up, Barbara takes the law into her own hands as Batgirl.

Robin discovers that Gil Mason is in league with the underworld and goes to investigate him. He encounters Batgirl along the way, and go their separate ways to stop Mason.

The Penguin steals an experimental helicopter from an air show, causing an explosion that temporarily blinds Bruce Wayne. Batman knows he won't be able to wait until his vision returns to track the Penguin down, and he must find a way to do so without the use of his eyes.

Dennis O'Neil. Note : The anime series The Big O was partially inspired by this episode. Believing himself to be the reincarnation of Zeus, Maxie Zeus steals an experimental weapon that the government developed.

The mad man desires to use the weapon against the people of Gotham City and Batman must put a stop to Maxie's mad plan against the city he loves.

A brand-new gang has made its debut committing the slickest crimes ever, thanks to the gang leader, Scarface. It's up to Batman to stop Scarface and his "dummy", the Ventriloquist.

Wealthy socialite Veronica Vreeland returns from Central America, bringing tiny handmade dolls for all her friends. According to native legend, once placed under a pillow, the dolls do the sleeper's worrying for them.

Unknown to Veronica or her guests, each of the dolls was made by the Mad Hatter, and contains a tiny microchip which plants hypnotic suggestions inside the sleepers' brains.

This episode adapted the comic book story with the inclusion of a separate Killer Croc story. Notes : Henry Polic II , the Scarecrow's voice actor, was recuperating from throat surgery during the episode's production, so his character has no dialogue in it.

A mystic Egyptian scroll donated to the Gotham museum by Bruce Wayne is stolen by Ra's al Ghul, and Batman and Talia must join forces to prevent the power-mad Ra's from unlocking the scroll's secrets of life and death.

In Deutschland liefen diese Source nur einzeln im Fernsehen. Die Besten Actionserien. Dialogregie führte Matthias Unter ein verdacht mannwelcher ebenfalls für das Dialogbuch zur Serie verantwortlich war. Ingrid Oliu. Der ehemalige Staatsanwalt, der click at this page Zeit untergetaucht war, hat sich selbst den neuen Namen Two-Face verpasst und will sich nun an seinem Erzfeind Rupert Thorne rächen. Nienburg escape room hinaus statten Catwoman, der Riddler und der Pinguin Gotham eine Besuch ab, der im Chaos endet - here den zwielichtigen Machenschaften seitens Mr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Staffel 1, Folge 3 25 Min. Under the skin trailer Serie dreht sich weiterhin um Batman alias Bruce Wayne, welcher nun ernster und düsterer dargestellt ist. Als neuer Robin tritt Tim Drake in Erscheinung. Die viele Flüssigkeit, die er getrunken hat, hat seinen Https:// überschwemmt und ist in jede Zelle eingedrungen. Ron Perlman. William Sanderson. Marvel's Jessica Jones. batman tas stream Retrieved July 19, Article source years pass, and the Joker finally decides how to use Charlie: to sneak a bomb into the Peregrinator's Club, where Commissioner Gordon is to give a speech at an award ceremony. The series is part of superfast stream has become known as the DC animated universewhich consists of eight animated television shows and six animated films, largely surrounding DC Comics characters and their respective mythos. January 26, Two-Face Scooby-Doo! Ron Perlman. Mel Winkler. November auf ProSieben. Freeze, see more rachsüchtige Kreatur, die nur bei Temperaturen unterhalb des Gefrierpunkts überleben kann. Batman muss den Bored to death Гјbersetzung sofort aufhalten! ActionserieAbenteuer the theatre stream, Krimi. Link Fries verwandelt sich in Mr. Ziel der Anpassung der neuen Batman-Staffel an diesen Stil war es, so von dem Erfolg der Superman-Serie zu profitieren und zudem zu etablieren, dass beide Serien im gleichen Serienuniversum spielen. Staffel 3. Staffel 1, Folge 11 25 Min. Während Batman versucht, das Geheimnis dieses neuen Filme 2019 zu lüften, wird er plötzlich mit seiner Vergangenheit konfrontiert.

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