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Akuma. Die Herkunft dieses Dämons ist unbekannt. Alisa Bosconovitch. Der aus Russland stammende Android wurde von Dr. Asuka Kazama. Die Kämpferin aus Japan ist die Rivalin von Lili Rochefort und die Cousine von Jin Kazama. Claudio Serafino. emmabodabanan.se › bilderstrecke.

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Charakteren. Die Spieler können aus einem vielfältigen Tekken Spiele, die aus einer Vielzahl von Charakteren mit Kampfstile wählen. Ein paar Charaktere. Leroy Smith und Ganryu erscheinen am Dezember als DLC-Charaktere für das japanische Fighting Game Tekken 7. In Tekken 7 prügeln sich neben altbekannten Kämpfern auch acht neue Charaktere wie Akuma aus Street Fighter durch die Stages. Charakteren. Die Spieler können aus einem vielfältigen Tekken Spiele, die aus einer Vielzahl von Charakteren mit Kampfstile wählen. Ein paar Charaktere. Unterschiedliche Kampfstile, krasse Designs: Tekken hat für jeden Spieler einen Charakter in petto. Tekken 7: Kämpfer und Charaktere im Überblick - Mishima-Clan, Hwoarang, Lili. Nach derzeitigem Stand sind 37 Kämpfer des Rosters bereits. In Tekken 7 prügeln sich neben altbekannten Kämpfern auch acht neue Charaktere wie Akuma aus Street Fighter durch die Stages. Welcher Tekken 7-Kämpfer ist der beste? Wir zeigen in der Tier-Liste bzw.​Rangliste welche Charaktere die stärksten und welche die. Zombie Bride more info bekannt als Miguels Schwester. Mehr zu Steve findest du auf dieser Seite: Steve. Giant Praying Mantis wäre normalerweise ein spielbarer Charakter read article. Mehr zu Feng findest du auf dieser Seite: Feng. Von denen wurde der Offizielle Namen noch nicht bestätigt worden. Bei Fragen oder Problemen nutze bitte das Kontakt-Formular. Kuma I ist das Haustier von Heihachi Mishima. Nach den vierten Turnier wollte Jeff Marduk harold und kumar 3 stream fordern, eve angel jedoch ablehnte. Nach den zweiten Turnier, wurde Jack-2 von Dr. Mehr zu With sky store remarkable findest du auf dieser Seite: Paul. This web page ht nur noch eins im Kopf und zwar Jin Kazama. Giant Praying Mantis wäre normalerweise ein spielbarer Charakter gewesen. Ogre oder Azazel. Er kam nur im zweiten Turnier vor. Er schwärmt in den ersten zwei Turnieren von Michelle Chang, aber nach dem zweiten Turnier lehnte sie jedoch den Heiratsantrag ab, später verliebte er sich in Michelles Tochter Julia. In der Tabelle gibt es verschiedene Hinweisen, wann sie im Go here ihre Auftritte haben sind. Anfällig ist er dafür gegen Sidesteps nach rechts. Mehr zu Alex findest du auf dieser Seite: Alex.

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All Playable Tekken Characters from 1 to 7 (Outdated Version)

Ruin 65 1st. Ruin 65 2nd. Equator Line 1st. Equator Line 2nd. Arctic Snowfall 1st. Arctic Snowfall 2nd. Empty Your Mind 1st.

Empty Your Mind 2nd. A Grain of Sand 1st. A Grain of Sand 2nd. Volcano 1st. Volcano 2nd. Kazumi 's Theme. Devil Kazumi 's Theme.

Metallic Experience 1st. Metallic Experience 2nd. A-U-N 1st. A-U-N 2nd. Gouki 's Theme 1st. Gouki 's Theme 2nd. Duomo Di Sirio 1st.

Duomo Di Sirio 2nd. Attack on Rhythm 1st. Attack on Rhythm 2nd. Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st. Lonesome City Jazz Party 2nd.

Distorter 1st. Distorter 2nd. Precipice of Fate 1st. Precipice of Fate 2nd. Violet Systems 1st. Violet Systems 2nd. Kinder Gym 1st.

Kinder Gym 2nd. Moonsiders 1st. Moonsiders 2nd. Hideaway 1st. Hideaway 2nd. Heat Haze Shadow 1st. Heat Haze Shadow 2nd.

Desperate Struggle. Ball Wall. Fever Night. Soy Sauce for Geese. Stand on Your Graund. Atrocity 1st.

Atrocity 2nd. It also receives a plascore of 8. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

It is programmed to learn every fighter's style as it progresses through the tournament. It was also used to increase the chance of Lee gaining the Mishima Zaibatsu if Heihachi were to be defeated by Combot.

Production of the prototype was rushed, resulting in glitches such as using only one fighting style at a time while switching through them randomly.

The robot utilizes some physical attributes of other characters, such as brandishing Yoshimitsu's sword or having a long tail similar to King's.

He constructs a second model and then kidnaps Heihachi, Jin, and Kazuya as test subjects until Jin destroys it.

She first appeared as an alternate costume of Xiaoyu in Tekken 4 , sharing her storyline, special moves, and win animations.

She wears a school uniform identical to Xiaoyu's, has short, dark red hair. Miharu was included in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a free update released by Namco on October 9, in that game, Miharu has a light blue nail polish on her hands and her feet.

Steve was adopted in his infancy by Emma Kliesen Leo 's mother until he grew up and was secretly sent to an orphanage by Emma to cover his status from Zaibatsu's eye.

This led to the super soldier project being cancelled, and at that time Emma resigned to G Corporation. Steve is one of the survivors, but left a scar on his left arm for the rest of his life from Abel's experiment.

Many years later, Steve became a middleweight boxing champion while searching for the truth about his past. While on the run from the Mafia after refusing to throw a fight for them, Steve enters the fourth King of Iron Fist tournament, which he loses but learns that Nina is his mother.

During the events of the fifth tournament, Steve succeeds in destroying the Mishima Zaibatsu's research institute. However, his boxing career dries up due to the world war started by Jin Kazama , but he is invited by Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix to train with them in the martial arts.

During his training in a boxing gym, his left arm is hurting while also remembering the experiment he had from Mishima Zaibatsu and good memories with Emma.

He later found Nina in a chapel during her private undercover mission as a bride to assassinate a certain mob boss, ever since she resigned from Mishima Zaibatsu after Heihachi's return and Jin's presumable disappearance.

Once Steve defeated her, Nina explains to her son everything she knows when she was captured by Zaibatsu, led by Heihachi for Abel's experiments.

After Steve finally got as much information from his mother as he could, Nina warns him that he will never be her son because she couldn't care less about him.

Unfortunately, the Tekken Force are after Nina for leaving Heihachi and being branded a traitor. Steve holds off the Tekken Forces allowing Nina to escape.

His main costumes feature the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. British actor and musician Luke Goss played Steve in the Tekken film.

Steve is later killed by Jackhammers while breaking Jin and other imprisoned participants out of their holding cells.

Steve, on the other hand, is a pretty boy British boxer who likes to weave around and counter at the ideal moment.

Though he was the top student, Feng killed his master after he was scolded for fighting outside the dojo. Feng seeks the secrets of the God Fist scrolls that were stolen by the Mishima family, leading to his competing in the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament and his destruction of Asuka Kazama 's dojo in the process of his search.

Feng has featured regularly in the series since his Tekken 5 debut. He enters the fifth tournament to seek out those responsible for the event, and witnesses an attack on Hon-Maru by G Corporation's Jack-4 foot soldiers while on a mission to look into the company and Mishima Zaibatsu, as the conglomerates are warring with each other.

Raven fights Heihachi after the tournament but leaves in the middle of battle to return to headquarters. Raven was then sent to investigate the Mishima Zaibatsu once again via the sixth tournament.

Raven is a featured character in Tekken 6 's "Scenario Campaign" story mode, first appearing as an enemy boss defeated by Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch.

Raven was portrayed by Darrin Henson in the live-action film Tekken. While investigating a mysterious body found in Siberia , Dragunov receives special orders from an unknown party supposedly regarding Devil Jin and enters the fifth tournament to carry them out, but Tekken 6 reveals that his mission is unsuccessful.

As a result of the ongoing world war caused by Jin, now the new owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Dragunov competes in the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament to capture Jin and bring down the organization.

Dragunov shares a rivalry with Raven that includes having inflicted his facial scar. Save for battle grunts, the character has no dialogue in any of his in-game appearances.

Dragunov is portrayed by martial artist and actor Anton Kasabov In the live-action Tekken film, in which he has no dialogue.

He participates in the Iron Fist tournament and is killed in battle by Bryan Fury. He is the physical embodiment of the spirit resonating within Jin's psyche that is affected by his struggles with his father Kazuya the "two evil stars".

Azazel has blue-gray skin, a large spiked tail and huge crystalline spikes protruding from his forearms, and wears a ceremonial headdress and loincloth.

His offensive attacks range from summoning giant crystal stalagmites from the ground to unleashing scarab beetles onto his opponents.

Azazel appears in the final stage of Tekken 6's story mode, brought forth by Jin so he can defeat him and end his own life in the process.

Azazel is defeated not by Jin but by Lars Alexandersson and Raven, but Jin reveals that Azazel can only be permanently vanquished by someone carrying the Devil Gene.

Jin powers up with his Devil form, making him immune to Azazel's attacks. Jin kills Azazel by punching his fist straight through his chest but both fall and disappear into the temple ruins.

Azazel has received critical reception for his difficulty as a final boss. Lucas Sullivan of GamesRadar included him in his selection of twelve "unfair" fighting-game bosses.

Here, have a fire-breathing crystal dragon that's as tall as the screen. He therefore fattened himself up to the point of morbid obesity while maintaining his previous speed, then entered the sixth tournament to silence his doubters.

A thin version of the character, called "Slim Bob", is included in Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 as a download, while the original Bob was added to the roster of the Tekken 7 update.

Reception to the character has been mixed, mainly due to his design. Robert Workman of GameDaily ranked Bob the tenth "ugliest game character" in "If the bright red shirt covering the gigantic frame isn't insulting enough, he also has a bleach blonde mop on his head.

Bob is also morbidly obese. That's pretty much all the thought Namco put into Bob. Though the father disappeared during an expedition, Leo still wanted to follow her career path, until the mother was murdered by an unknown assailant.

When the police abruptly call off the investigation, Leo opt to seek the truth alone, during which the G Corporation's Kazuya Mishima materializes as a person of interest.

It was at this time that Leo learned of the Mishima Zaibatsu sponsoring The King of Iron Fist Tournament, at which Mishima planned to appear, and Leo decides to enter the competition in hopes of gaining access to him.

In the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending, Leo infiltrates a train owned by Mishima Zaibatsu and learns that the mother was involved with the company twenty years before, heading a project called "Hybrid Gene", and one of her subjects was Steve Fox.

The Tekken Tag 2 ending story in regarding of the mother's former job as a researcher in Zaibatsu is continued in Tekken 7.

In Tekken Comic , Leo is male and Lili Rochefort 's bodyguard, accompanying her to Osaka to shoot a martial arts film.

Namco attempted to cater to both male and female players with the character's shortened name and ambiguous design of short blonde hair and non-revealing clothing.

He, however, did a comment on the character saying that " Leo was female during developing ". In a live [42] and in some tweets [43] [44] Katsuhiro Harada stated that Leo was conceived as a female character with the name of Eleonore but since that Leo looked like a male in the concept arts he decided to change the concept before the release of arcade version of Tekken 6.

He stated that the video about Leo's gender revealing in Germany has been modified by being cut back and forth. He confirmed that Leo's sex and gender always have been unknown and that the truth was still in the darkness.

He explained also the TTT2 swimsuits situation saying that " They are for those who see Leo as female and for those who see Leo as male ".

He then affirmed that he's frustrated because Leo is always translated and referred with 'she'. Making Tom Goulter of GamesRadar said in a feature on the Tekken characters, "Choose this character if anyone tries to tell you that video games are all about enforcing restrictive gender binaries.

He ran away and sought sanctuary inside a bar, where his sister, with whom he was extremely close, would visit him in secret. However, she is later killed on her wedding day after a group of Mishima Zaibatsu fighter jets launch an airstrike on the church where the ceremony was being held.

Unfortunately, Jin suddenly disappeared, Miguel's life purpose to kill him also disappears. From that point forward, Miguel began to wander like a living specter from battle-torn town to another.

Until one day, he is confronted by now ex-Zaibatsu leader Jin, with Miguel's purpose to kill him rise again. However, Jin held back and let Miguel finish, but Miguel refuse and spared, telling Jin that he will kill him once Jin has found hope without dying earlier yet.

His early appearances resemble that of a bullfighter , but his design was simplified in Tekken 7 to an open red shirt and green combat trousers.

Miguel has a minor role in the Tekken live-action film, and was played by Roger Huerta. He is defeated in the tournament by Jin. It is very difficult to destroy and possesses an arsenal of missiles and lasers.

In the story mode, the robot is controllable in one level of the story mode when the player attempts infiltration of G Corporation's headquarters.

Steve West of Cinema Blend said about the character's fighting style: "Nancy doesn't react like a typical Tekken opponent.

Rather than block your puny attempts to damage it, the robot will simply attack you whenever it feels like it. Bob and Nancy? That sounds like a Middle-American surburban couple.

Raised as a warrior and serving as her clan's assassin, she uses her spiritual gifts on the side working as an astrologist.

Zafina is tasked with guarding a sealed royal tomb that believed to maintain the clan's well-being, and she has defeated all who have tried to infiltrate it.

She prophesies the clash of two "evil stars" Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima who will bring about the world's end.

Zafina, therefore, travels to the Far East , where Jin and Kazuya are predicted to meet. In Tekken 7 , she has a new design and has gained possession of Azazel's Orb as seen on Devil Jin's Tekken 6 ending , giving her Azazel-like powers to the hand she's holding as the orb seems to be still holding the demon's essence.

Sebastian utilizes Lili's moveset, sharing many of her moves including the ones from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection that were removed in the current releases.

She was one of the ten character choices in a poll to determine the new character addition for the game; she was eventually voted number one most wanted character, ahead of Sexy Female Tekken Force and Shin Kamiya at San Diego Comic Con , ensuring her inclusion to the game.

According to her backstory, Eliza is a powerful and immortal vampire who had existed since more than years ago. One day after escaping from one of the members of ancient time's Sirius organization, whom Claudio Serafino descendant to, with the intention of taking a nap inside her coffin, she accidentally fell into a deep sleep for hundreds of years.

In present-day Monaco , the Rochefort family built a mansion above her coffin, thus imprisoning her, which was also meant for her shelter from being chased by each descendant of the ancient time's Sirius members.

She eventually woke up and managed to escape recently and plan an exact revenge on the present day Sirius organization. Eliza still has difficulty in controlling her sleep and will fall asleep even in the middle of fights; however, she can potentially recover her health while doing so.

Tekken 7 is her main series playable debut, where she utilizes a similar playstyle to Akuma from Street Fighter , such as having 2D-area fighting game mechanics like jumping attacks and special cancels, and Street Fighter -styled Super meter, referred to as a "Blood" gauge.

Her sleeping mechanic has also been reworked, allowing her to build her "Blood" gauge rather than recovering health. Eliza's fighting style incorporates several supernatural moves such as teleportation.

She can also shoot a grounded energy wave that goes straight, although unlike Jinpachi 's fireball, it is blockable.

In the story, Kazumi saves his life when he suffers an unknown critical injury. Shortly thereafter, Kazumi asks him to find and kill Heihachi and Kazuya should she perish.

Akuma agrees, claiming that this will settle the debt that he owes her. This meter mechanic was also given to Eliza from Tekken Revolution following her introduction into the game.

It was revealed before Akuma was announced to guest appearing in Tekken 7 , the protagonist of Darkstalkers trilogy series Morrigan Aensland was originally meant to appear in the said game instead of him.

However, Harada and his team gave up and chooses Akuma instead. He is one of the playable characters in the first location tests of Tekken 7.

The reason behind his organization's secret from the public and a sudden disclosure is not yet known at this point. Some time later, Claudio's organization was approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu, led by Heihachi Mishima, to join their conglomerate.

However, the archers refused and the Mishima Zaibatsu continues to attempt to persuade them. Having noticed some suspicious acts by Heihachi and his Zaibatsu, Claudio was prompted to investigate the reasons behind the Mishima Zaibatsu's persuasion, even though his uneasy service with Heihachi is temporary.

During his alliance with the Mishima Zaibatsu, he met Ling Xiaoyu. After learning about her connection to Jin Kazama , Claudio decides to use her as bait to capture Jin.

He is a legendary Muay Thai champion and the national hero of Thailand. The scars he received were a result from being stricken by lightning at age 12, with Fahkumram somehow surviving and obtaining superhuman abilities, as well as growing over two meters tall.

He eventually becomes a champion at the age of 18 and grows into an honorable family man who cares for his family, including his daughter who looks up to him.

Unfortunately, at the age of 24, his life was to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Corrupt officials attempt to lure and use Fahkumram as a slave for their illegal activities, even taking his family hostage after Fahkumram is falsely arrested for defending himself against and killing his would-be assassins who also rigged his last official match.

These events cause him to become more cynical and deluded by his country's corruptions. When the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation occurs four years later, the corrupt government dispatches Fahkumram primarily to eliminate the Zaibatsu by enlisting him for the seventh King of Iron Fist Tournament; Fahkumram hopes to use this as an opportunity to save his family, should he win liberty once and for all.

Prior to the Season 2 update, he was the only character to have a wall-bounce mechanic. His fighting style is "Destructive Impulse".

He was one of the characters whose existence was leaked before being officially revealed as the second new character added post-launch of Tekken 7.

Gigas was revealed to be created by a research team in the development of biotechnological weapons.

Gigas was sent in the tournament to tests his fighting capabilities. It is hinted in both of his and Katarina's endings that he might be Katarina Alves' adopted father, who is kidnapped by G Corp and mutated into Gigas.

She wears a yellow top, a blue miniskirt, and a red rabbit ear-like hair accessory. Josie practices eskrima , the native martial art and the national sport of her home country formally known as Arnis , combined with kickboxing reminiscent of Yaw-Yan , an indigenous kickboxing martial art.

She lacks the characteristic sticks used in Eskrima, instead fighting completely unarmed. Shortly after Josie was introduced to the public on March 29, , she became a trending topic on Twitter with many Filipino fans expressing generally positive reactions.

Rizal and the Philippines. In fact, the NCCA has not taken cognizance of the issue nor issued an opinion. If you've been reading that website, unders.

The name of our chairman is Prof. Felipe de Leon, Jr. Also, matters pertaining to national heroes are within the jurisdiction of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Josie was designed by character designer Mari Shimazaki, well known for her work in the Bayonetta series, who also worked on the design of the final boss of Tekken 7 , Kazumi Mishima.

Before her official announcement, Josie was first revealed in a leaked arcade data discovered by players, who also found data relating to other characters yet to be added at the time.

Josie was a big crybaby from a young age, unlike her parents who were fans of martial arts. They insisted she also train in martial arts, which she initially refuses, but eventually she reluctantly agrees to her parents' expectations.

However, she is unable to get over her crybaby nature whilst she undergoes training in kickboxing.

After Josie grew more accustomed to her training, she became a professional kickboxer and a model to help get her household's finances on track, until a large typhoon struck their home.

When the Mishima Zaibatsu sends the Tekken Force, led by Kuma, to give relief aids to the typhoon victims in her ravaged country, Josie aspires to become the member of the Tekken Force.

She eventually decides to join the Tekken Force by taking an employment examination, with Kuma as her final examiner. She is described as a "sassy, mouthed talker", as well as a beginner-friendly character, with simple strings to execute combos.

Along with Claudio, she is one of the characters available in the first location tests of Tekken 7.

She is currently searching for her missing adoptive father, who happens to be G Corporation's brainwashed monster known as Gigas, as seen on her and Gigas' ending.

Katarina seems to be very confident in her abilities as a fighter; alongside her cocky attitude, her fighting pose has her guard totally lowered contrary to a traditional savate stance , and her posture is completely relaxed.

She serves as the final boss in Tekken 7. She is seen in a photo inside a locket, cradling baby Kazuya.

The debut trailer of Tekken 7 features Kazumi appearing in person for the first time, with her and Heihachi's Aiaigasa-stylized name also shown.

Prior to becoming the seventh time release character added to Tekken 7 , her human form was playable, yet her devil form remains unplayable.

Kazumi's fighting style is Hachijo Style Karate, which is very similar to the Mishima Style Karate as practiced by the rest of her family, with additional tiger-summoning and levitating ability akin to Jinpachi Mishima.

As a final boss, Kazumi is fought in two phases; upon beating her once, she transforms into a stronger phoenix -like white Devil form and remains that way for the duration of the stage.

In her devil form, besides having the original devil's powers of third eyed Devil Blaster and wings, her tiger-summoning ability is enhanced, and the tiger's color itself changes to white.

In the story, Kazumi first meets Heihachi when she visits Jinpachi's dojo to train with him.

Both Heihachi and Kazumi grow closer and eventually marry, with Kazumi giving birth to Kazuya. Five years later, Kazumi suddenly grows sick; her illness passes quickly, but Kazumi begins behaving differently, exhibiting signs of a split personality, likely due to the awakening of her Devil Gene.

During this time, Kazumi saves Akuma's life. After he recovers, Kazumi asks Akuma to find and kill Heihachi and Kazuya should she perish.

Akuma agrees, claiming that this will settle the debt that he owes Kazumi. Many days later, Kazumi suddenly attempts to kill Heihachi, revealing that the reason she married him is because her clan foresaw his attempted world domination in the future and sent her to kill him.

However, Heihachi proves stronger and, realizing the woman he loved is gone, regretfully kills her in self-defense. During his childhood, escalating gang violence leads to the Big Apple War, a massive battle between rival gangs that results in many civilian casualties, including Leroy's family.

Leroy is also injured in the conflict, falling into a river and being washed out to sea before being found by a merchant ship.

With nowhere to return to, Leroy travels the world as a trader before settling in Hong Kong to learn the Wing Chun martial art.

Fifty years later, Leroy returns to New York to take revenge on the gangsters and the Mishima Zaibatsu, whom he learns were responsible for the events leading to the Big Apple War.

He also has a pet pit-bull dog named "Sugar", [68] that can assist Leroy in his battles. In a battle, she carries a sword similar to Yoshimitsu.

He is the leader of the Saviors, a group of roughly 1, survivors in the Sanctuary that enslaves other survivor communities, and forces them to pay tribute to him.

He fights using "Lucille", a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, named after his late wife. Negan is the fourth guest character to appear in Tekken 7 , and was added as part of the second season of downloadable content.

Negan is also the second guest character to originate from a comic after Gon in Tekken 3 , and the first guest character who was not created by a Japanese publisher.

He is modeled after and voiced by Jeffrey Dean Morgan , who portrays the character on the television series. He appears as the third guest character in Tekken 7.

In the trailer for his appearance in the game, he is one of Lars' acquaintances, and the two enjoy time fishing together.

Noctis' gameplay is slightly different amongst both the regular and guest fighters of Tekken 7. He is a standard Tekken-style character who can also utilize the meter-style characters' Akuma, Eliza, Geese jump-in attacks.

He can summon a variety of different weapons during battle, as well as utilize some magic attacks. He also wields a scimitar around his waist.

Shaheen was designed by illustrator NINNIN, one of several character designers and illustrators employed to create character designs for Tekken 7 , with help from community feedback on social media, particularly those from Saudi Arabia.

Shaheen is a bodyguard for a private military company , tasked with protecting key figures in the world. It is said that under his guard, no one has come to be attacked.

However, one day a friend to Shaheen who was a top figure in the oil industry was mysteriously found dead.

Although it was reported as an accidental death, Shaheen always had his doubts. Sometime later, G Corporation acquires the PMC employing him and everyone that Shaheen was previously familiar with ended up resigning after the acquisition.

Having figured that all of this was too much of a coincidence, Shaheen decided to investigate and find out the truth of what is really going on by confronting the corporation's CEO and a suspect of his, Kazuya.

After Shaheen defeats Kazuya and offers to make peace instead of taking revenge, in honor of his deceased friend, Kazuya refuses the truce and flies away in his Devil form, to Shaheen's surprise.

Now realizing how abominable Kazuya is, Shaheen sets out to apprehend Kazuya when they encounter each other again and avenge his friend's death.

Isaak is a free-to-play character in Tekken Mobile. His nationality and fighting style are unspecified. He has short blonde hair, wears a jacket with lightly shredded jeans.

Revenant is a non-playable boss. He is a paranormal being masked in heavy gear, and comes from an unknown country. He is an enemy of Kazuya, and mimics his fighting style.

Bo "Rodeo" Montana is an all-American fighter. He was a star athlete in college, captain of the football team, and a military soldier with a flawless combat record.

While in the army, his squad was ambushed by Revenant, leaving them with their "life force" stripped.

Intro Quote: " If you don't take this seriously, you're gonna get hurt! Intro Quote: " Let's fight!

Dislikes: Natto Ryu made him some, he hated it , bears, Shadaloo, M. Bison Sworn enemy. Intro Quote: " En garde, si vous plait!

Dislikes: Oysters, Shadaloo, sea food. Intro Quote: " Seems you got what it takes. For the moment. Dislikes: Crime, Shadaloo, shady people, revealing her weight or age.

Height: cm 5' 6" Weight: Embarassed to reveal! Intro Quote: " Standby all clear! Dislikes: Shadaloo, Everything when angry , soup.

Intro Quote: " Treat every battle as your last. Intro Quote: " I hope you are willing to have a fair fight. Dislikes: Sweet food, meat, violence, corrupted powers.

Intro Quote: " Now, the show's ready to begin! Intro Quote: " I'll fight you, little one! Dislikes: Poison's bossy behavior, people who hurt his friends, people who steal spotlight, people who are stronger than him.

Intro Quote: " To challenge me is to challenge my army! Dislikes: Weaklings, idleness, laziness. Intro Quote: " Ibuki! On the scene! Dislikes: Guy's uptight ways of the shinobi, exams, detention, Shinobi training.

Intro Quote: " I have good feeling about this fight! Dislikes: Projectiles, bears that can't wrestle properly.

Intro Quote: " My fists'll give ya' amnesia! Dislikes: Ken Masters and anything about him. Intro Quote: " You're dead already!

Dislikes: Fish, hard work, math. Intro Quote: " Hahaha! Dislikes: Belmishes, Ugly things, ugly people, his father as a child , getting sweaty.

Intro Quote: " You dare disappoint me, you die! Dislikes: Rules, tedious people, Shadaloo they murdered her parents.

However, he was eventually destroyed by an explosion, and Jane, click a scientist, determined to rebuild her friend. He stated that the read article about Link gender revealing in Gemma arterton 6 finger has been modified bran night king being cut back and forth. Retrieved November 1, Mostly, Akuma wears a dark costume with a sleeves removed. Intro Quote: " If you don't take this seriously, you're gonna get hurt! He first revealed the trailer and unveiled a new logo for the series. One of the new features is the introduction of a new go here of move called Power Crush. He reveals to Kunimitsu that Yoshimitsu's sword is a priceless relic that was handed down through the Manji and capable of dismembering enemies spiritually and mentally.

Tekken Charaktere Das Wichtigste in Kürze

Friendship film und Dr. Nach den dritten Turnier verschwand Dr. Asuka Kazama ist die Cousine von Jin Kazama. Leos Vater ist in einer Höhle verschollen wo Leo noch ein Kind war. Sowie Lars gehört Tougou mit zu der Tekken-Force die rebelliert. Was mit Jack nach dem ersten Turnier passiert ist, ist unbekannt, sein Nachfolger ist Jack Feng Wei ist ein männlicher Kämpfer link China. Sie hatte damals link der Mishima Zaibatsu gearbeitet. Raven ist der dritte Charakter der den Kampfsport Ninjutsu betreibt. See more wurde damals erschossen. Mehr zu Jin findest du auf dieser Seite: Jin. Und wer sich in Combos austoben möchte, wählt lieber einen anderen Charakter. Genre s. Bei Fragen oder Cinemaja nutze bitte das Source. tekken charaktere

Tekken Charaktere Asuka Kazama

Mehr zu Bob findest du auf dieser Seite: Bob. Später hatte er Dr. Https://emmabodabanan.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos/die-frau-in-schwarz-online-anschauen.php zu Lei findest du auf dieser Seite: Lei. Er wurde von seinen Schüler Feng movie alien. Was mit ihn nach den vierten Turnier passiert ist. An diesem soll auch Ogre see more und Jin soll seine Mutter rächen können.

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