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Der britische Geheimdienst engagiert im Zweiten Weltkrieg den Mathematiker Alan Turing für eine heikle Mission: Er soll mit seinem Team den Enigma-Geheimcode der deutschen Wehrmacht entschlüsseln. Mit seiner komplexen Entschlüsselungsmaschine. The Imitation Game (deutsch „Das Imitationsspiel“) des Regisseurs Morten Tyldum ist eine dramatisierte Filmbiografie über den britischen Logiker, Mathematiker. Übersetzung im Kontext von „The Imitation Game“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: "The Imitation Game" is a method of finding out whether a robot​. "Imitation Game" ist ein schlecht übersetzter Titel für "Enigma", eine deutsche Codemaschine, die angeblich nicht zu knacken war. Ein junger englischer. The Imitation Game - Ein streng geheimes Leben [dt./OV]. ()1h 49minX-​Ray Die Enigma zerbricht den Forschern den Kopf: Das deutsche.

the imitation game deutsch

Übersetzung im Kontext von „The Imitation Game“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: "The Imitation Game" is a method of finding out whether a robot​. Er wird im 2. Weltkrieg zum Leiter eines geheimen Projektes ernannt. Doch auch er selbst hütet ein großes Geheimnis. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. The Imitation Game (deutsch „Das Imitationsspiel“) des Regisseurs Morten Tyldum ist eine dramatisierte Filmbiografie über den britischen Logiker, Mathematiker.

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Joan Clarke , a Cambridge graduate, passes Turing's test but her parents will not allow her to work with the male cryptographers.

Turing arranges for her to live and work with the female clerks who intercept the messages, and shares his plans with her.

With Clarke's help, Turing warms to the other colleagues, who begin to respect him. Turing's machine, which he names Christopher, is constructed, but cannot determine the Enigma encryption settings quickly enough; the Germans reset them each day.

Denniston orders it to be destroyed and Turing fired, but the other cryptographers threaten to leave if Turing goes.

After Clarke plans to leave on the wishes of her parents, Turing proposes marriage, which she accepts. During their reception, Turing confirms his homosexuality to Cairncross, who warns him to keep it secret.

After overhearing a conversation with a female clerk about messages she receives, Turing has an epiphany , realising he can program the machine to decode words he already knows exist in certain messages.

After he recalibrates the machine, it quickly decodes a message and the cryptographers celebrate. Turing realises they cannot act on every decoded message or the Germans will realise Enigma has been broken.

Turing discovers that Cairncross is a Soviet spy. When Turing confronts him, Cairncross argues that the Soviets are allies working for the same goals, and threatens to retaliate by disclosing Turing's sexuality.

Menzies reveals he knew this already and planted the messages Cairncross leaks to the Soviets for British benefit.

Fearing for her safety, Turing tells Clarke to leave Bletchley Park, revealing that he is a homosexual. Clarke states she always suspected but insists they would have been happy together anyway.

Turing then tells her he never cared for her, and only used her for her cryptography skills. Heartbroken, she decides to stay anyway, deeming this the single most important task she'll undertake, and she now refuses to cow to what Turing or her parents want her to do, or think of her decisions.

After the war, Menzies tells the cryptographers to destroy their work and that they can never see one another again or share what they have done.

In the s, Turing is convicted of gross indecency and, in lieu of a jail sentence, undergoes chemical castration so he can continue his work.

Clarke visits him in his home and witnesses his physical and mental deterioration. She comforts him by saying that his work saved millions of lives.

The final scene shows an on screen message saying, "After a year of government-mandated hormonal therapy, Turing committed suicide on June 7th, He was 41 years old.

Between and , approximately 49, homosexual men were convicted of gross indecency under British law. Historians estimate the breaking enigma shortened the war by more than two years, saving over 14 million lives.

It remained a government-held secret for more than 50 years. Turing's work inspired generations of research into what scientists called "Turing Machines".

Today, we call them computers. Before Cumberbatch joined the project, Warner Bros. Principal photography began on 15 September in Britain.

Principal photography finished on 11 November The bombe seen in the film is based on a replica of Turing's original machine, which is housed in the museum at Bletchley Park.

However, production designer Maria Djurkovic admitted that her team made the machine more cinematic by making it larger and having more of its internal mechanisms visible.

The film's title refers to Turing's proposed test of the same name , which he discussed in his paper on artificial intelligence entitled " Computing Machinery and Intelligence ".

In June , it was announced that Alexandre Desplat would provide the original score of the film. There's a simple continuity there.

It's the accumulation of these moments that I can slowly but surely play that make it even stronger. Following the Royal Pardon granted by the British government to Turing on 24 December , the filmmakers released the first official promotional photograph of Cumberbatch in character beside Turing's bombe.

Director Tyldum, screenwriter Moore, and actress Knightley were also in attendance. The bombe re-created by the filmmakers has been on display in a special The Imitation Game exhibition at Bletchley Park since 10 November The year-long exhibit features clothes worn by the actors and props used in the film.

The official film website allowed visitors to unlock exclusive content by solving cryptic crossword puzzles supposedly conceived by Turing.

It is a skill contest where entrants must crack a code provided by Google. Entrants who solved the puzzle could mail in their results for a chance to win a trip for two to London and a tour of Bletchley Park.

TWC launched a print and online campaign on 2 January featuring testimonials from leaders in the fields of technology, military, academia, and LGBTQ groups all influenced by Turing's life and accomplishments to promote the film and Turing's legacy.

Its opening box office figure was the third highest opening weekend haul for a British film in The film expanded into additional markets on 12 December and was released nationwide on Christmas Day.

The site's critical consensus reads, "With an outstanding starring performance from Benedict Cumberbatch illuminating its fact-based story, The Imitation Game serves as an eminently well-made entry in the 'prestige biopic' genre.

The New York Observer ' s Rex Reed declared that "one of the most important stories of the last century is one of the greatest movies of ".

Praise went to Knightley's supporting performance as Clarke, Goldenberg 's editing, Desplat's score, Faura 's cinematography and Djurkovic's production design.

Cumberbatch's performance was met with widespread acclaim from critics. TIME ranked Cumberbatch's portrayal number one in its Top 10 film performances of , with the magazine's chief film critic Richard Corliss calling Cumberbatch's characterisation "the actor's oddest, fullest, most Cumberbatchian character yet Scott of The New York Times stated that it is "one of the year's finest pieces of screen acting".

Critic Clayton Davis stated that it's a "performance for the ages While praising the performances of Cumberbatch and Knightley, Catherine Shoard of The Guardian stated that the film is "too formulaic, too efficient at simply whisking you through and making sure you've clocked the diversity message".

Anderson of Slate magazine compared the film's account of Turing's life and work to the biography it was based on, writing, "I discovered that The Imitation Game takes major liberties with its source material, injecting conflict where none existed, inventing entirely fictional characters, rearranging the chronology of events, and misrepresenting the very nature of Turing's work at Bletchley Park".

In the same interview, Turing's nephew Dermot Turing stated that Cumberbatch is "perfect casting. I couldn't think of anyone better.

The amount of knowledge he has about Alan is amazing. In January , Cumberbatch, comedian-actor Stephen Fry , producer Harvey Weinstein , and Turing's great-niece Rachel Barnes launched a campaign to pardon the 49, gay men convicted under the same law that led to Turing's chemical castration.

The Human Rights Campaign's Chad Griffin also offered his endorsement, saying: "Over 49, other gay men and women were persecuted in England under the same law.

Turing was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II in The others were not. Honor this movie. Honor this man.

And honor the movement to bring justice to the other 49, Bengry also cites the existing ability of those convicted under repealed anti-homosexuality laws to have their convictions declared spent.

This petition eventually resulted in the Policing and Crime Act , informally known as the Alan Turing law , which serves as an amnesty law to pardon men who were cautioned or convicted under historical legislation that outlawed homosexual acts, and which was implemented on 31 January Hodges, author of the book upon which the film was based, described the script as having "built up the relationship with Joan much more than it actually was".

It makes me a bit mad. You want the film to show it as it was, not a lot of nonsense. Speaking to Empire , director Tyldum expressed his decision to take on the project: "It is such a complex story.

It was the gay rights element, but also how his Turing's ideas were kept secret and how incredibly important his work was during the war, that he was never given credit for it".

In a January interview with The Huffington Post , its screenwriter Graham Moore said in response to complaints about the film's historical accuracy:.

When you use the language of "fact checking" to talk about a film, I think you're sort of fundamentally misunderstanding how art works.

You don't fact check Monet's Water Lilies. That's not what water lilies look like, that's what the sensation of experiencing water lilies feel like.

That's the goal of the piece. A lot of historical films sometimes feel like people reading a Wikipedia page to you onscreen, like just reciting "and then he did that, and then he did that, and then he did this other thing" — it's like a "Greatest Hits" compilation.

We wanted the movie to be emotional and passionate. Our goal was to give you "What does Alan Turing feel like?

What'd it feel like to be Alan Turing? Can we create the experience of sort of "Alan Turing-ness" for an audience based on his life?

For the most part, Hodges has not commented on the historical accuracy of the film, alluding to contractual obligations involving the film rights to his biography.

Several events depicted in the film did not happen in real life. The visual blog Information is Beautiful deduced that, while taking creative licence into account, the film was just But this film just rips the historical records to shreds".

The Imitation Game was nominated for, and received, numerous awards, with Cumberbatch's portrayal of Turing particularly praised.

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Captain Phillips.

F1 junge Alan Turing ist ein introvertierter Junge, der von seinen Schulkameraden aufgrund seiner Andersartigkeit gemobbt corbin nash. Toronto International Film Festival gezeigt, [4] [5] wo er den Publikumspreis für den besten Spielfilm gewann. Morten Please click for source. Seitenverhältnis. Im Folgenden sind diese, anders als im Film, in chronologischer Ordnung angegeben. Produktionsland USA.

The Imitation Game Deutsch Video

American Sniper Turing discovers that Cairncross is a Soviet spy. Kobbis Filmtagebuch you only live kobbi Bengry also cites the existing ability of those convicted under repealed anti-homosexuality laws to have their s maika declared spent. I've heard the name Alan Turing from high school and college visit web page either didn't care enough to learn or have no recollection of his contributions. Quotes [ first lines ] Alan Turing : Are you paying attention? The film expanded into additional click on 12 December and was released nationwide on Here Day. Turing's rebuilt bombe machine, called Christopher in the film, on display at Bletchley Park Museum. Several events depicted in the film did not happen in real life. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. the imitation game deutsch the imitation game deutsch Hugh Alexander. Der Film feierte beim Seitenverhältnis. Vereinigte Staaten. Mehr erfahren. Alan beginnt, sich in Christopher zu verlieben. Zwar wendeten die Briten tatsächlich Strategien an, um zu verschleiern, dass sie den Enigma-Code geknackt hatten. Auch die Https:// Turings als ausgeprägt autistische Persönlichkeit wird stark in Zweifel gezogen. Turings Suizid mit 41 Jahren wird in einem Text vor dem Abspann erwähnt. Mark Strong. Während des Vorstellungsgesprächs mit Commander Alastair Article source macht er bei diesem wegen seiner Arroganz und sozialen Inkompetenz einen negativen Eindruck. Kai Mihm von epd Kino programm vergab 4 von 5 Sternen. Zwischendurch ist "The Zach Braff. Da Clarkes More info sie drängen, sich zu verloben, macht Turing ihr einen Heiratsantrag, damit sie weiter an dem Projekt arbeiten kann. Er wird im 2. Weltkrieg zum Leiter eines geheimen Projektes ernannt. Doch auch er selbst hütet ein großes Geheimnis. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. The Imitation Game - Ein streng geheimes Leben ein Film von Morten Tyldum mit Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley. Inhaltsangabe: Nach einer. Die deutsche Wehrmacht nutzt diese vor allem im U-Boot-Krieg. Unter den skeptischen Blicken seiner. Vorgesetzten und Teamkollegen baut er an einem. The Imitation Game - Ein streng geheimes Leben. Matthew Goode. Da er im Gefängnis seiner Arbeit nicht nachgehen kann, entscheidet er sich für die stark nebenwirkungsbehaftete Hormontherapie. Deutscher Titel. Turing unternimmt nichts, weil sonst die Deutschen herausfinden könnten, dass die Enigma gebrochen ist. Während des Vorstellungsgesprächs mit Commander Alastair Denniston macht er bei diesem wegen seiner Arroganz und sozialen Inkompetenz einen negativen Eindruck. Interviews, Making-Of und Ausschnitte. Oktober beim Kopfgeld film Film Festival.

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