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Sei please click for source, Universum sechs! EUR 1,99 Versand. Die Universen machen ihren Zug! Die böshafte Armee Freezas trifft auf Gohan! Auf den versprochenen Urlaub! Die Kraft des Super Saiyajin Gottes! Das Geheimnis der beiden vertieft sich!

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Dragon Ball Super Black Saga Movie FULL HD Ist Here der Gewinner? Vergesse holi kino den Stolz eines Saiyajins! Lucia St. Helena St. Son Goku vs. Son Goku VS Black! Neue Hoffnung!! There seems to be a problem serving the request at https://emmabodabanan.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-ohne-anmeldung/mickey-mania.php time. dragon ball bs While click here the effects of Goku's God Bind read article, Broly was able to backfire this technique on Goku by overflowing his own ki into it. Twitter December 18, Saiyan fusions. Initially, Goku's attempt at resolving the conflict peacefully appeared to have an effect. Er erlent neue Techniken und trainiert mit anderen Kämpfer.

The two Saiyans re-engaged in combat, but Gogeta took the upper hand with a devastating kick to Broly's jaw.

Though sent reeling back, Broly recovered and fired a Gigantic Catastrophe blast from his mouth.

Gogeta avoided it with apparent ease and blasted Broly in the back with numerous energy spheres before finishing the barrage with a Stardust Breaker.

The assault battered Broly but he once again recovered, powered up even more, and reengaged. However, it was ultimately to no avail, as Gogeta managed to avoid all of Broly's wild and unfocused attacks while delivering numerous blows of his own.

At last, Gogeta engulfed Broly in a tremendously destructive energy storm , causing a mushroom-cloud shaped explosion, after which Whis declared the fight all but over.

Gogeta then began charging a Limit Ultra Kamehameha to kill Broly. Broly, who had regained some semblance of his sanity after being struck by Gogeta's massive energy blast, staggered backward in fear.

Gogeta then unleashed the energy beam while Broly simply stared at it in terror, but just before the moment of impact, Cheelai asked Shenron to send Broly to the planet where he had grown up.

Shenron's power immediately whisked Broly away, and Gogeta's blast continued harmlessly into space. Shortly thereafter, Broly, terrified and disoriented, found himself back home on Planet Vampa, having reverted to his base form.

Three days later, Broly was seen dragging a huge claw in his cave, where a starving Cheelai and Lemo waited.

The two of them had fled to Broly's planet due both to having befriended him and because they needed someone to protect them from Frieza.

Broly offered them some of the meat, and though Cheelai reluctantly ate some, Lemo found it inedible.

Cheelai, however, commented that sooner or later he would undoubtedly have to change his mind, as the rations they had brought with them would not last long.

As the group ate, Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport to the cave entrance. Broly immediately sensed him and took a defensive posture while Cheelai yelled at Goku to leave but Goku, in his typical unflappable manner, simply commented that he had been told that the planet was "repugnant" and so had brought supplies for them.

His first gift was a new shelter stocked with provisions, and after Cheelai and Lemo admired it for a time, Goku then gave the group a few Senzu Beans and explained their use.

When Cheelai, still suspicious, loudly inquired as to why Goku would help them, Goku explained that Broly was likely even stronger than Beerus , the 7th universe's God of Destruction , and as such would make an excellent training partner.

Goku then prepared to leave and Lemo, having observed that Goku did not seem to have a space ship, asked him how he had gotten to Vampa.

Goku briefly explains his Instant Transmission technique, though Cheelai at least appeared not to understand any of the explanations.

She reiterated that she still viewed Goku as an enemy, but Goku, not caring in the slightest, simply stated that he would like to come back and spar with Broly in the future.

Additionally, he offered to teach Broly how to control his incredible power. Broly seemed to appreciate the offer and smiled at his newfound friend in gratitude.

As Goku prepared for his departure, Cheelai asked for his name, in response, Goku told her that his name was "Goku", but gave Broly in particular permission to call him "Kakarot".

Broly is easily one of the most powerful mortal warriors in the multiverse, and one of the strongest in Universe 7.

He is a true natural prodigy in combat, born with the genetics of the Legendary Super Saiyan genes and transformation ability.

He showed exceptionally immense potential since infancy as evidenced by King Vegeta during the latter's analysis of Broly's potential.

His testing of Saiyan attributes broke every known record, far surpassing even Prince Vegeta 's scores, thereby placing him in the same incubation chamber as the children of elite Saiyans.

While his power level would fluctuate wildly, his lowest power level was while his highest power level was 10,, which was very high even for the exceptional standards of newborns from the royal family bloodline.

Because of this, King Vegeta , fearing the unstable nature of Broly's power and potential danger of it driving Broly insane one day, banished Broly so he wouldn't be a threat to both Planet Vegeta and the universe.

Although, as noted by Paragus, and not denied by King Vegeta, the king mainly did this because he was very insecure at the idea of a Saiyan who wasn't his kin having such natural power and potential growth that would ultimately outshine his bloodline, even his own prodigious son.

By adulthood, his power level was unreadable by scouters as it glitched out from attempting to and he was completely unfazed by the solid strikes from one of Frieza's most powerful soldiers.

While having been aggressively trained by his father all his life, he initially lacks any actual combat skills beyond basic attacks and combat patterns due to his isolation and lack of powerful foes to fight against; thus he has a crude, straightforward fighting style, relying more on his sheer brute force through wild strikes, stomps, and grappling.

However, when pressured by a strong enough foe, Broly's prodigious talent and Saiyan traits kick in. He instinctively adapts to his foe to quickly improve his fighting skills and battle tactics, replicating an enemy's technique , and even grows in raw power at an accelerated rate.

His Saiyan traits and raw power amazed even the likes of Frieza , who, after the events on Earth, went so far as to consider allying with Broly in the future against Goku and Vegeta despite hating Saiyans in general.

He can generate ki blasts and beams without the need to use stances, firing them from his body or his mouth, making him more unpredictable and dangerous.

As an infant, Broly's power was unstable, fluctuation randomly from his emotions, yet still above Prince Vegeta IV. When sent to Vampa, the young child was able to slaughter countless inhabiting creatures once transforming into a Great Ape and likewise survived for days alone before being found by his father.

The intensity of Broly's power transformed ultimately prompted Paragus to remove Broly's tail. As an adult and against Vegeta, Broly was at first outclassed and toyed with by the Saiyan prince due to not knowing how to use his power.

However, the extended battle gradually turned to Broly's advantage as he quickly and continuously adjusted to and developed his power, removing the previous large difference in power for Vegeta's favor, soon pressuring Vegeta into using Super Saiyan.

Despite the power boost, Super Saiyan Vegeta quickly faced with the same problem as Broly's growth rate neutralized the advantage, forcing Vegeta to use Super Saiyan God to finally overwhelm Broly.

While Goku's more tactical approach allowed him to initially held his own, Broly's growing might forced Goku to rely on Super Saiyan and then Super Saiyan God.

While attempting to subdue Broly with his God Bind , Broly quickly broke free and turned the technique back on Goku.

Soon, the fight became one-sided as Broly began smashing him across the battlefield like a ragdoll. Goku then goes into Super Saiyan Blue and while Broly is initially able to stand up to him, he is eventually overwhelmed by the level of power Goku has in the godly transformation as Goku gradually wears him down while shrugging off Broly's attacks with only minor damage.

Once witnessing his dead father, the mourning Broly transforms into a Super Saiyan C-type. The immense nature of his sheer power created a storm of ki blasts that devastate the battlefield and though Goku could deflect the blasts aimed at him, he was pressured enough to lose his shirt, prompting Goku and Vegeta to team up as Super Saiyan Blue, which ultimately could barely defend against the titanic foe.

Against Fourth Form Frieza, the galactic tyrant was easily thrashed about, even when he unleashed his Golden form.

Despite lasting at least an hour, the fight ended with Broly unharmed while Frieza was severely beaten and incapacitated.

In the novel, it is said that Frieza's blows could stagger Broly or even force him to dodge, and when defeated by Broly, Frieza thinks to himself that no one in existence would be able to defeat him.

When turning his attention to Whis , while the Angel had no actual trouble defending himself from the berserker's assault, he did impress the foe of high standards by complimenting Broly for nearly hitting him on a few occasions, [7] however Broly was being toyed with, with the Angel dodging his attacks without moving swiftly and while simply using normal movements, even though Broly had tried to take Whis by surprise.

Broly's seemingly limitless potential is pushed to the breaking point when facing the fusion of Goku and Vegeta: Gogeta. While Broly forces Gogeta to use Super Saiyan and is able to match him in terms of power, he is steadily overwhelmed by the fused Saiyan's superior skill.

At this point, their power is such that the collision of ki beams rips a hole in their dimension. Against such odds, Broly continues to build up his power, enough to trigger a final transformation , and he finally gains the upper hand against Gogeta.

However, this advantage is short-lived, as the fused Saiyan goes Super Saiyan Blue and surpasses Broly's newfound power: Though the fact that Gogeta chose to dodge Broly's attacks at all, instead of simply taking them head-on, seemingly indicates Broly could have inflicted a fair amount of damage on him had his attacks landed and the mutant Saiyan was able to resist Gogeta's assault and continue his relentless assault to a remarkable extent, he is still steadily overwhelmed by a combination of Gogeta's surpassing speed and skill as the foe decisively lands massive ki blasts and ki -laced strikes while Broly could not land even a single blow, and would likely have been killed by Gogeta's Ultimate Kamehameha if not for Shenron teleporting Broly to safety.

Later, Goku stated that Broly is probably even more powerful than Beerus. Another part of the article also mentions that due to being so popular throughout the world, it is even rumored he is the most powerful Dragon Ball character.

Broly is the strongest enemy Goku and co. His destructive power also seems to be greater than a God of Destruction 's. Broly gets stronger the more he fights.

Broly was born with a power level of 10, Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki. Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.

Heat Resistance - During his battle with Goku, he was shown to be able to fly through lava unabated, as his energy acted as a barrier against this lava.

Saiyan Power - A genetic trait that continually lets a Saiyan increase in raw might and general performance against adversity, either by recovering from great injuries or enduring great struggle in battle.

Broly's Saiyan Power is considerably more advanced compared to normal Saiyans as Vegeta notes that Broly was showing such sudden development as he continued to fight, as well as Goku noting in a terrified manner that Broly was getting stronger after ascending into his Super Saiyan C-type form.

Mimicry - The coveted ability to copy another fighter's technique after seeing it used only once. While under the effects of Goku's God Bind , Broly was able to backfire this technique on Goku by overflowing his own ki into it.

Dashing Punch - Broly attacks the opponent by rushing at them at high speed to land a punch. Gigantic Charge - An extremely powerful and chargeable variation used by Broly in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 , Broly charges at the opponent like a normal Dashing Punch, but now with an intense green aura around him.

If chargeable to the max, it can easily break the opponent's stamina. Eraser Cannon - First, Broly charges green light energy from around his body and gathers it into his palm to form a bright-green energy sphere.

Next, he waves his hand forward and fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage. He also fires it from his chest.

Omega Blaster - The strongest variation of the Eraser Cannon created by his original counterpart. It is used in Xenoverse 2 , where it is Broly's Ultimate Attack.

Wrathful Charge - Broly charges at his opponent and hits them with a point-blank Eraser Cannon from the chest. Eraser Blow - Broly flies past the opponent with an Eraser Cannon in his hand that he brings near his opponent's stomach.

He then thrusts the hand with the Eraser Cannon forward and, at point-blank range, releases it, blasting the opponent away.

Blaster Meteor - First, the user forms an Energy Shield around his body. Then, he brings his hands apart to each side and releases many powerful energy blasts that home in on the target, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Gigantic Breath - First, Broly opens his mouth and charges a green energy sphere. Then, he fires the energy sphere from his mouth in the form of an energy wave at the opponent.

Planet Crusher - Broly raises his hands into the air and charges his energy to form a large energy sphere. He then throws the ball at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Gigantic Full Blast - The user starts by charging an energy sphere in their hand s. Then, they draw their hand s forward and fire the energy sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage.

Powered Shell — A technique used to generate an energy shield around the user to protect them from attacks. Gigantic Omegastorm - First, Broly charges a green ball of ki in front of him.

He then unleashes the attack as a powerful green energy wave. Gigantic Cluster - The user draws their right hand back and charges a green or yellow energy sphere.

Then, they wave their hand forward and fire several, compact, powerful energy sphere bullets that follow the opponent's movements, inflicting considerable damage.

Gigantic Catastrophe - Broly fires a mouth energy wave and then several, compact, powerful energy sphere bullets from his left hand.

Finally, Broly charges and fires a huge energy wave at the opponent. Revenge Order - Team attack with Paragus. Named in Dokkan Battle.

Great Ape Main article: Great Ape. When looking at a full moon or absorbing enough Blutz Waves , Broly can enter this form. In it, his power grows 10 fold, but also robs him of his rationality and replaces it with primal rage towards all around him.

He first uses this form when he landed on Vampa , which he used to slaughter countless inhabiting creatures. However, he loses access to this form as Paragus removed his tail by the time he was an adult.

Main article: Wrath State. In this state, he possesses small eyes with yellow-iris and black pupils, and his hair stands up akin to Super Saiyan.

This state also possesses a green aura and can also generate yellow bio-electricity. As Broly continues to draw upon more anger and energy, his body and muscles expand somewhat.

Paragus deduced that this state is the utilization of a Great Ape 's power in base form, gaining its raw physical power and resilience with no loss in agility or general efficiency in battle.

However, similar to an actual Great Ape, Broly has difficulty controlling himself in it, quickly losing himself to the build-up of his rage.

Using this form also hurts Broly due to the constant eruption of his power, with the growls he lets forth in this form being due to pain rather than fighting spirit.

Broly first obtained this form after seeing his father dead which was discreetly done by Frieza to provoke Broly. In this form, his hair turns golden and stands up with no loose strands.

When used whilst having already been in his Wrath State, he grows considerably taller, and likewise, his muscle mass greatly expands.

One notable change is that his pupils are gone as he is berserk in this form. The form also sports a vibrant green aura instead of the usual golden Super Saiyan aura.

Broly can maintain this form for a long time, as he battled Frieza for at least an hour using it before going on to fight Gogeta.

The novel notes that Broly's stamina appears to be limitless. Main article: Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly is capable of transforming into a Legendary Super Saiyan.

In the novel, it is shown that when Broly is damaged enough in this form he will revert to Super Saiyan C-type. Attack Ball - A spaceship used for interstellar travel.

Broly's Control Mechanism. Broly appears as a boss and unit in Dokkan Battle where he is treated as the same character as the original Broly.

He is also playable as a team with his father. His dialogue consists primarily of roars and screams. Successfully performing his Gigantic Roar meteor attack will destroy his armor and give him a stat buff.

Furthermore, he and Gogeta share a Dramatic Finish that recreates the final battle from the movie.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the new incarnation of Broly. For the original incarnation of the character from another dimension, see Broly.

For other uses, see Broly disambiguation. Contents [ show ]. It is connected to Paragus' belt. Capsule House - A type of house that can be put away and carried around in a capsule.

Senzu Bean - Mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties. Twitter October 26, Twitter October 14, Twitter December 6, The Incarnation of Rage!!!

Februar ausgestrahlt, insgesamt kommt die Serie auf Folgen. In Dragonball geht es um den jungen Kämpfer Son-Goku.

In der ersten Episode lebt er alleine in den Bergen, bevor er das erste mal auf das Mädchen Bulma trifft. Die beiden freunden sich an und erkennen, dass beide das gleiche Ziel haben.

Son-Goku und Bulma machen sich auf den Weg um die sieben magischen Dragonball zu finden. Sie ermöglichen es ihrem Besitzer sich einen Wunsch erfüllen zu können.

Es geht vorrangig um die Suche nach den ersten Dragon Balls. Die beiden bekämpfen sich im Finale des Tenkaichi Budokai. Mit der Zeit lernen die beiden immer mehr Freunde kennen und sammeln einen Dragonball nach dem anderen ein.

Er erlent neue Techniken und trainiert mit anderen Kämpfer. Bis auf einige so genannte Filler, so werden Folgen genannt die nichts mit der Haupthandlung zu tun haben, orientiert sich die Serie sehr nah am Manga.

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