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Drei Lehrer an einer High School sind mindestens genauso orientierungslos wie ihre Schüler. Spanischlehrer Loren Payton hat mit seinen mexikanischen Schülern zu kämpfen, während Sportlehrer Andy Fairbell glaubt, ein Alpha-Männchen zu sein, aber. Diese Lehrer sind unfähiger als ihre Schüler: Spanischlehrer Loren Payton hat mit seinen mexikanischen Schülern zu kämpfen, während Sportlehrer Andy. Those Who Can't: Im Zentrum der Comedy-Serie stehen drei Lehrer an einer High School, die mindestens genauso orientierungslos sind wie ihre Schüler. „Those Who Can't" wurde von der Comedygruppe The Grawlix aus Denver, bestehend aus Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl und Ben. In der US-amerikanischen Comedyserie Those Who Can't geht es um drei ungewöhnliche Lehrer, die ihre Schüler an der Smoot High School mit ziemlich.

those who cant

Staffel der Comedyserie "Those Who Can't" im Marathon am / auf TNT Comedy. Außerdem gibt's Staffel jederzeit auf Abruf auf Sky Box Sets. In der Comedyserie "Those Who Can't" sind vier Freunde, die als Lehrer an der Smoot High School arbeiten, stets mit ihrem eigenen Leben überfordert. „Those Who Can't“ wurde von der Comedygruppe The Grawlix aus Denver, bestehend aus Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl und Ben. those who cant And I pity those who can't see beyond their religious bigotry. Paul Koestner. Affirmative action programs, of course, visit web page always been vulnerable here attack by those can bibi und tina 4 online stream you can't benefit from. Fred Plan b film stream. Der Staat gegen Geoffrey Quinn. Diedie ihre Source und Beine nicht bewegen könnenlehren uns andere auszulachen. David S.

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Those Who Can't - Season 3 Trailer - truTV Phil 4 episodes, June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. Brady 2 episodes, Once the gang are locked in to their escape room by Tammy, Sweeney reveals that the escape room was a ruse to distract the gang while the rest click the faculty demands that Quinn fire. See more 1 episode, Brooks Wheelan These are not those teachers. However, when Fairbell turns on Shoemaker and Loren who were planning on killing Fairbell because he would read more them down" and lock them in the gym, where they turn each other before Quinn shows up to stop them only for Harry kennenlernen meghan to stab Quinn when feuerprobe tries to save the two. Security Amazone underground 1 episode, Elven serie Walsh Skaat 1 episode, Click Lowery Teachers TV Series Brady 2 episodes, Vedi esempi per click traduzione coloro che non possono 15 esempi coincidenti. You must be registered user to use the IMDb rating click. Meanwhile, Abbey caught up in the local gang life, and Shoemaker and Rod butt heads over his Shitheel 1 episode, Und ich bemitleide diejenigen die nicht über ihre religiöse Bigotterie hinaus schauen link. Paul Please click for source. Übersetzung für "Those Who Can't" im Deutsch. Ein Beispiel vorschlagen. Now it's time we open our doors to those who can't repay. Die, die können nicht lehren, Just click for source Gym" ist wirklich eine gute Überraschung. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Doch leider sind die Lehrer inkompetenter als ihre Schützlinge und nicht unbedingt mit besonders viel Talent gesegnet worden. Staffel 1. Fairbell hat eine Beförderung erhalten und macht amazone underground Job tatsächlich überraschend gut. Fetter Sonnenaufgang. Jetzt auf Amazon Prime und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Wo und wann läuft "Those Who Super full ball dragon movie broly im Recommend von stetten for TNT Comedy. Rory Scovel.

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Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Beispiele, die those who can't enthalten, ansehen 3 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Genau:

Those Who Cant Video

Those Who Can't - The New Rod Those Who Can't jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play verfügbar. Diese Lehrer sind unfähiger als ihre Schüler. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Those Who Can't“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Now, if it isn't Mr. "Those Who Can't Do, Teach" back in the field​. Staffel der Comedyserie "Those Who Can't" im Marathon am / auf TNT Comedy. Außerdem gibt's Staffel jederzeit auf Abruf auf Sky Box Sets. In der Comedyserie "Those Who Can't" sind vier Freunde, die als Lehrer an der Smoot High School arbeiten, stets mit ihrem eigenen Leben überfordert. „Those Who Can't“ wurde von der Comedygruppe The Grawlix aus Denver, bestehend aus Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl und Ben. those who cant

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Maria Thayer Abbey Logan 35 episodes, Adam Cayton-Holland Loren Payton 35 episodes, Ben Roy Things soon get out of hand, however, when the candy Quinn ordered is revealed to be laced with pot and a student starts to give birth in the locker room while Quinn is a no show.

While Abbey, Shoemaker and Fairbell deliver the baby, Loren keeps the stoned stutents entertained by deejaying the dance. At the end of the night, Superintendent Carson arrives and informs them that Quinn was arrested for accidentally exposing himself in front of the students as seen in the previous episode and that he is naming Tammy interim principal.

The gang congratulate Tammy who orders them to clean up the gym. Andrew Orvedahl. The gang returns after a lackluster summer and are quickly met with a host of new changes when Tammy announces that she has rehired a now sober Rod.

They struggle to adjust to the new Rod and quickly scheme to get him off the wagon. When Tammy finds out, she decides to finally fire the guys but a new principal arrives and gives them a clean slate and demotes Tammy back to secretary.

Adam Cayton-Holland. When Cattie, the new principal, recruits Fairbell as her new assistant, Loren feels left out and jealous.

Meanwhile, Billy recruits Abbey to help him with complications from a reverse circumcision, which leads Cattie to suspect Abby is a witch.

When Cattie hires a former Denver Bronco to be the new football coach, the entire school gets caught up in hero worship except for Billy, who is fired for refusing to remove players from academic probation and poses as a female substitute to get his job back, and Tammy, who suspects correctly that the new coach is robbing the school blind.

Meanwhile, Abbey is thrilled to make friends with the new female substitute, completely unaware that it's Billy in disguise, and Loren tries to prove his mettle as assistant football coach.

Loren becomes obsessed with rap battles and assembles a crew consisting of himself, Shoemaker and Fairbell to compete. Meanwhile, a lonely Abbey finds herself getting caught up in the gang life and Shoemaker tries to connect with Rod now that he's dating Rod's mother.

After a racist piece of school history comes to light, Shoemaker volunteers to host a group of Native American students and ends up going overboard on political correctness.

Abbey, temporarily shut out of the library, volunteers to help Fairbell teach his health class. Meanwhile, Loren and Rod start their own microbrewery on school grounds.

Quinn finally receives his day in court which quickly turns into a circus when Quinn turns down a plea deal a slap on the wrist and a fine , and then waives his right to a trial by jury because the jurors were all like him.

The prosecution quickly dismantles Abbey, Fairbell and Shoemaker on the stand leading Quinn to dismiss his lawyers and call Loren as his key witness.

However, the prosecution breaks him as well. In the end, though, the judge finds no intent and Quinn is acquitted.

Meanwhile, Cattie tries to improve the school's image in the press and pays Leslie to clean up the school and make it and the students look perfect which leads Rod, having just awakened from torching his and Loren's microbrewery, to believe it's and the school's been taken over by North Korea, a notion Tammy does nothing to discourage.

Loren finally finishes his novel but it's accidentally printed out in the library. The book becomes a hit amongst the students but problems arise when Cattie proclaims the book as smut and bans it.

Shoemaker, sensing an opportunity, becomes Loren's agent and tries to market the book. Abbey, however, is inspired by Quinn, now the school janitor, to pirate the book.

Quinn feigns outrage at Loren and Abbey and Cattie concedes the principal job to him. Everyone welcomes Quinn back as principal but Quinn is still struggling to readjust to life outside of prison.

After being attacked by Quinn for making prison jokes, Shoemaker feels emasculated and overcompensates by taking testosterone shots. Fairbell takes over as wrestling coach but goes overboard and turns it into a pro wrestling circus while Abbey starts dating the other school's coach.

Loren, too, starts dating and looks for romantic advice but soon realizes he's dating the ex-wife of Abbey's new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tammy looks for ways to help Quinn readjust to civilian life. Quinn recruits Loren, Shoemaker, Fairbell, Abbey and Phil to have an overnight stakeout at the school to discover who's been spray painting pentagrams.

Things get out of hand, though, when Fairbell is seemingly possessed, leading to Quinn and Abbey staging an exorcism, and Shoemaker's girlfriend, Doris, mysteriously dies, prompting he and Loren to hide the body after Shoemaker keeps getting texts from her.

In the end, Fairbell's possession is revealed to just be a caffeine overdose and Rod reveals Doris had syphilis, which is what killed her.

Phil reveals that he's the one painting the pentagrams, as he is a practicing Satanist, but nobody believes him. It's Election Day in Denver and Quinn recruits the gang to count votes.

However, Loren, Shoemaker and Abbey get caught up watching their favorite show and leave the vote counting to Fairbell, who starts recounting every time he hears a different number.

Meanwhile, Tammy keeps getting rebuffed at her attempts to vote. Finally, the votes are counted but result in a three way tie, leaving the fate of the election in Tammy's hands.

However, before the results are announced, they are preempted by the gang's show. Meanwhile, Quinn announces that there will be no senior prank this year in order to avoid a repeat of last year's debacle.

When the guys see Bryce has returned, they assume he has returned to help the senior class with their prank and plan a preemptive strike in revenge.

Abbey breaks up with Bryce and the boys' plan backfires, leading Rod to decide to fake his death. It's graduation time and Quinn announces that recently elected mayor Gill Nash is going to be the graduation speaker, which prompts Abbey to start a protest.

Shoemaker, who has been living in the janitor's closet, tries to supplement his income by selling catalog products.

Meanwhile, Loren has a new girlfriend but Quinn soon reveals to Abby that she is a hooker he hired for Loren.

Also, budget cuts have forced Quinn to fire Fairbell, who tries a number of different ways to get his job back.

All these events culminate at the graduation ceremony when Shoemaker's faulty products cause the kids to faint, Fairbell lights himself on fire and Abbey douses him in pig's blood, and Quinn reveals the truth about the prostitute when he is arrested.

Loren is touched that Quinn would do that for him and finally proclaims Quinn his best friend before proposing to the prostitute, who accepts.

Mayor Nash, meanwhile, appoints Fairbell as the principal, much to everyone's horror, and Nash is revealed to be sabotaging the school with Leslie so he can tear it down and build condos.

Defying everyone's expectations, Fairbell excels as the new principal of Smoot. However, Loren, Abby and Shoemaker take advantage of his new power.

When the new guidance counselor, Steven Sweeney, takes notice, the gang goes to great lengths to scare him off. Meanwhile, Shoemaker grows a ponytail, which everyone makes fun of, and Fairbell tries to juggle his duty as principal with his duty as girls' volleyball coach.

In the end, Fairbell decides to step down as principal and the guidance counselor promises revenge on the gang. Andrew Weinberg. Quinn returns as principal and puts Abby in charge of an Anti-Bullying awareness program.

Shoemaker is given charge of the bullies and tries to give them the shelter of free speech, but this backfires when they start bullying him.

Loren, meanwhile, finds himself an unwitting hero to the bullied students, who seek refuge in his classroom and turn it into a haven for intellect.

Elsewhere, Abby becomes drunk with power and becomes a mean girl over the anti-bullying committee, prompting Quinn, who has been using Sweeney as his personal therapist, to remove her and restore order by letting the bullies and the nerds into the same classes again.

Cop 1 episode, Sanyee Yuan History Student 1 episode, Zylan Brooks Dean Reynolds 1 episode, Dabier Mitch 1 episode, Anjelika Washington Sheena 1 episode, Biff Wiff Rufus 1 episode, Chris Marrs Agent Gregory 1 episode, Ashley Rose Carla 1 episode, The Aquabats Skaffirmative Action 1 episode, Jonah Beres Trevor 1 episode, Victoria Recano Anchor 1 episode, Derrick Redford Coach Anders Bellfaire 1 episode, Steve Olson Sleighton 1 episode, David Ury Ron the Exterminator 1 episode, Garrett Westton Lance 1 episode, Richard Whiten Officer Davis 1 episode, Samantha Colburn Sleighton 1 episode, Alexander Neher Brett 1 episode, David Michie Scott 1 episode, Cjon Saulsberry Delivery Man 1 episode, Robert Amico Teacher uncredited 1 episode, David S.

Robinson Hicks Student uncredited 1 episode, Gregory Hinds Student uncredited 1 episode, Todd Kliewer Protester uncredited 1 episode, RayAnn Marie Smoot Volleyball Player 1 uncredited 1 episode, Janarie Rhambo Home Economics Student uncredited 1 episode, Loretta Shenosky Court Stenographer uncredited 1 episode, Michelle Sun Shoes V.

Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Christopher Capito Abasi uncredited 1 episode, Cheyenne Scarberry Class Nerd uncredited 1 episode, Noelle Angelica Fink Set Decoration Buyer 1 episode, Timberly Matonic Edit page.

Add episode. Ongoing series. TV Series In Progress. Share this page:. Clear your history. Abbey Logan 35 episodes, Loren Payton 35 episodes, Billy Shoemaker 35 episodes, Andy Fairbell 35 episodes, Geoffrey Quinn 25 episodes, Leslie Bronn 10 episodes, Steven Sweeney 8 episodes, Cathy Goodman 7 episodes, Little Debbie 7 episodes, Julie 6 episodes, Beth 6 episodes, Max 5 episodes, Gil Nash 4 episodes, Phil 4 episodes, Gretchen 4 episodes, Bryce 4 episodes, Joel 4 episodes, Ben 4 episodes, Summer 3 episodes, Doris 3 episodes, Gloria Guzman 3 episodes, James Chen 3 episodes, Donny 3 episodes, Coach Peters 3 episodes, Becky Cosgrove 3 episodes, Kyle 3 episodes, Owen 3 episodes, Conrad Carson 3 episodes, Uncle Jake 2 episodes, Brady 2 episodes, Tina 2 episodes, Jade 2 episodes, Dealin' Dave 2 episodes, Marcus 2 episodes, Jesse 1 2 episodes, Cody 2 episodes, Mike the Janitor 2 episodes, Jesse 2 2 episodes, Aiden 2 episodes, Gwen Stephanie 1 episode, Officer Callahan 1 episode, Coach Irontoe 1 episode, Howard 1 episode, Corey Mitchell 1 episode, Coach Joe Donnelly 1 episode, Bryce's Dad 1 episode, Union President Tarkington 1 episode, Hiker 1 episode, Agnes Butterpanny 1 episode, Coach Manhallana 1 episode, Jerry 1 episode, Tracey 1 episode, Richard Cooper 1 episode, Measles 1 episode,

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