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Medusa ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Ihr Name und Aspekte ihres Charakters leiten sich aus der griechischen Mythologie ab, da ihr Haar Greifattribute wie das von Medusa. Medusa wurde von Stan Lee und Jack Kirby erfunden und in Fantastic Four​#36 vorgestellt. Medusalith "Medusa" Amaquelin ist die Frau von Black Bolt und die Königin der Inhumans. Geschichte. Marvel Comics. ○ Origin: Inhuman [Terrigenesis durchlaufen]; Medusa war die erstgeborene Tochter der beiden Inhuman. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Marvel Medusa The Ultimate Retro Logo Graphic T-Shirt. Jetzt bestellen!

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Medusa wurde von Stan Lee und Jack Kirby erfunden und in Fantastic Four​#36 vorgestellt. Marvel's Inhumans ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die zum Marvel Cinematic Medusalith Amaquelin „Medusa“ Boltagon, Serinda Swan, –​, Jessica Walther-Gabory. Maximus Boltagon, Iwan Rheon, –, Ozan Ünal. Marvel Comics. ○ Origin: Inhuman [Terrigenesis durchlaufen]; Medusa war die erstgeborene Tochter der beiden Inhuman.

Later on in the issue, Medusa saves the team during the sudden crash landing of their space vessel by absorbing the majority of the impact with her hair.

As stated by Wasp, Medusa is the team's primary short-range offense. Eventually the team triumphs over the Beyonder and returns to Earth.

At the end of the series, Medusa can be seen alongside Black Bolt attending the funeral of her Beyond! She gives Gravity's parents a precious statue, the highest honor amongst the Inhumans, in commemoration of Gravity's sacrifice.

Medusa explains that her husband's silence is a burden that she also bears. Black Bolt makes an appearance at this point and the two are shown to make love as Medusa contemplates her longing to hear a moan, whisper, or laugh from him.

After attempting to commit suicide, a dying Pietro is brought to Attilan by Crystal. While Gorgon protests, Medusa grants Pietro asylum in Attilan until he is fully recovered.

Once healed, a depowered Pietro tries to convince Black Bolt and Medusa to allow him access to the Terrigen Mists, but Medusa firmly states that Terrigenesis is a process forbidden to outsiders and that such a process upon a human could result in drastic mutations.

Pietro manages to expose himself to the Mists regardless, and receives new powers before collecting both the Terrigen Crystals and his daughter, Luna, and returning to Earth.

The crystals eventually end up in the possession of a black-ops sector of the United States government.

The sector's subsequent refusal to return the crystals sparks a declaration of war between the Inhumans and the United States.

During this title it is made reference that Black Bolt and Medusa are childless. Upon discovery that Luna has been taken to Earth by Pietro, Medusa advises Crystal that perhaps it is right that Pietro should spend time with his daughter.

Crystal remarks that if Medusa had children of her own she might be able to understand how she felt over the matter.

It is not apparent whether this is an example of Ahura's existence being retconned from the Marvel Universe, or if this is meant to be a sarcastic comment in reference to Ahura's supposed confinement.

The events of Silent War immediately follow the events of Son of M. The Silent War series reveals a growing rift between Medusa and Black Bolt as the two disagree on his decision to declare war against the United States for failing to relinquish the Terrigen Crystals.

Medusa finds herself no longer able to interpret her husband's wishes as she used to. While Medusa is issuing Black Bolt's war declarations to the Inhumans council he becomes frustrated and snaps his fingers to silence her, indicating that she wasn't relating what he intended.

Medusa later confides to Black Bolt that he had never treated her that way before, as if she were a dog, and Black Bolt responds apologetically.

Their son, Ahura, also reappears in this series as a mentally unstable adolescent. Medusa argues that Black Bolt seems not to care that their son is being kept in isolation, and advises him that despite his orders she has gone to visit Ahura in his cell on more than one occasion.

Black Bolt is angered by this and becomes physically aggressive with Medusa, grabbing her face and mouth to silence her. In her growing confusion with her husband's actions, Medusa finds herself drawn to Maximus against her will and would visit him often in his prison cell.

It is revealed by Luna , Crystal's daughter, that Maximus had somehow implanted a "darkness" into Medusa's mind that was affecting her actions.

Later on, Medusa and Maximus share a kiss as a distraught Black Bolt watches from the shadows. Medusa's thoughts at the time, however, reveal that she is not in control of her actions and that she only loves Black Bolt.

The end of Silent War is left a cliffhanger with Black Bolt confined in prison, Ahura released, and Medusa now at Maximus' side as he assumes the throne of the Inhumans.

Due to inconsistencies with other Marvel titles featuring Black Bolt during this time, it is unclear when, and if, Silent War takes place in relation to The Illuminati , World War Hulk , and Secret Invasion storylines.

Medusa is seen with Black Bolt when Hulk attacks Attilan. She warns Hulk not to pursue a fight with her husband, as Black Bolt has defeated Hulk in past battles.

The fight begins and Medusa is not shown to interfere or assist. Black Bolt is subsequently defeated by Hulk, though the battle is not shown beyond Black Bolt's opening attack and it is made unclear as to how Hulk managed to win the fight.

It was revealed in " New Avengers: Illuminati " that Black Bolt had been replaced by a Skrull impostor for an unknown amount of time.

Both the sudden rift between Medusa and Black Bolt apparent in Silent War and Black Bolt's later defeat at the hands of Hulk in World War Hulk could be attributed to this development, for it is uncertain just when Black Bolt might have been replaced by his Skrull duplicate.

Medusa is shown fighting a Skrull that not only possesses her powers, but also possesses the powers of Mister Fantastic.

During the " War of Kings " storyline, Medusa was with the Inhumans when they went into space and forged an alliance with the Kree and was also there when Havok , Lilandra Neramani , and the rest of Havok's Starjammers requested asylum from Vulcan and his forces.

When Maximus speaks out, Medusa pushes him aside. After Ronan is wounded in battle with Vulcan's forces, Medusa states to the Shi'ar that they had made a big mistake and vows that they will pay for this.

The shield that once protected their star system has fallen. During a discussion with the other members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Medusa states that Shi'ar blood will spill in the next fight while trying to keep the Kree in line.

While weeping in Crystal's arms, Medusa declared that they have won. During the " Dark Reign " storyline, Medusa was seen when Quicksilver appears in Attilan and present them with the Xerogen Crystals following the defeat of Unspoken.

Medusa then absolves him of his crimes and restores his citizenship. Devos the Devastator arrives and ends up inciting a riot in the Alpha Primitives.

Henry Pym learns from Medusa about what happened to Black Bolt and expresses his sorrow for her loss as he too had lost Wasp. Vere and Zarek when they plot to overthrow the Inhuman Royal Family.

She takes her husband's place in the Illuminati when Iron Man reassembles the team in response to the Hood 's attempts to acquire the Infinity Gems , [33] although in the end Steve Rogers takes 'custody' of Black Bolt's gem at the conclusion of the crisis.

As part of the Marvel NOW! Medusa was present when Ulysses projected his latest vision of a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the superheroes.

During the " Inhumans vs. X-Men " storyline, Beast overhears Medusa telling the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family that they to be prepared just in case the X-Men lose patience in their truce and attack them.

Medusa then fights the time-displaced Beast in the lab of the original Beast as she effectively calls off the truce. As she gets the upper hand, Nightcrawler teleports in and takes her away.

She also abdicates her throne to Iso. In the aftermath, she along with her sister, Crystal, Black Bolt, Flint, Gorgon and Swain, are guided by Noh-Varr to the former Kree throne-world of Hala where he has stated they may discover the origins of Terrigen and in so doing offer a future to their doomed people, however, things are not well for the former Queen as she runs her hand through her powerful hair only to pull a large clump out with it, forcing her to announce to her crew that she is dying.

She did what she had to in order to save the Mutant race, but in doing so she had doomed the future of her people.

Because Medusa had pressed the button, that act had the consequence of gradually draining the life energies from her. Akin to dying of a broken heart, Medusa had acted to end a cultural heritage that had lasted millennia and her body has essentially chosen to end with it.

Her only hope now is to find the secrets of the Terrigen and bring a new source of it back to their people, so she too can be revitalized.

When Medusa takes the Primagen, it restores her hair and health while also causing a backlash in the attacking Progenitor to destroy the approaching Progenitors causing the Ordinator-Class Progenitors that saw the attack from the World Farm to spare Earth from their invasion.

When an explosive trap starts to go off, Medusa managed to make it out alive. Medusa is present when it is discovered that Vox is not a Super-Inhuman and is just a Kree programming.

After Black Bolt's sonic scream is used on the Vox-controlled Inhumans enough to free Crystal and Lockjaw and cause the Kree to retreat, Medusa is pleased that Crystal and Lockjaw are freed from Vox's control.

Black Bolt emerges from the room as Medusa orders Lockjaw to take them away from the Kree base. When Crystal asks where they should go, Black Bolt uses his sign language to say "home.

Medusa possesses a long, thick head of red hair; thanks to her exposure to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist, every strand of her hair has great tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, and sheer resistance far surpassing human hair.

She possesses the psychokinetic ability to animate her hair for a number of feats, including elongating it to almost twice its normal length Medusa's hair is approximately 6 feet 1.

Medusa can control the movement of her hair as if it were countless thin appendages growing from her head. A psionic field permeates her mutagenically altered hair-cells, causing mutual attraction across the gaps between strands.

These relatively small forces operate in conjunction to develop larger forces. Through concentration, she can psionically move her hair in any manner imaginable.

She can snap the length of it through the air like a whip the tip of which moves faster than the speed of sound , or rotate it in a fan-like manner.

She can bind persons or objects with it as if it were rope, or use it to lift objects which weigh more than she could lift with her arms.

Her scalp, skull, and neck do not support the weight of an object that she lifts: It is held aloft by the psionic force coursing through the hair.

Medusa can also perform delicate manipulations with her hair such as lock picking or threading a needle, and such complex acts of coordination as typing or shuffling a deck of cards.

Although she has no nerve endings in her hair, she can "feel" sensations on all parts of her hair by a form of mental feedback from her psionic field.

Medusa is an accomplished thief, using her hair. Medusa is also able to retain some degree of control over her hair after it has been cut or otherwise severed from her scalp.

She is also highly skilled at interpreting the gestures and body language of Black Bolt, and has a fluency in a special sign language used to communicate with Black Bolt.

Like all Inhumans, Medusa's immune system is weaker than that of an average human. However, due to her frequent ventures into the outside world, Medusa's immune system has been strengthened so much that it is no longer as weak as that of her fellow Inhumans.

As such she has attained a resistance to the pollutants of the outside world, which enabled her to join the Fantastic Four as well as be a former member of the Frightful Four in the first place.

In the alternate future of Earth X , Medusa's hair volume has drastically increased. She has lost Black Bolt and fears the emotional loss of her son, Ahura.

She is the acting ruler and Queen of the Inhumans. Many of her remaining friends and allies have mutated due to the incidents on Earth.

As a way to tie together some of the powerful factions remaining on Earth, Captain Britain proposes to her. However, the status of their relationship and their political positions is thrown into turmoil when Captain Britain's presumed lost wife Meggan is brought back to life.

As in other realities, she speaks for her husband, Black Bolt. The Four are asked to help the Inhumans stop the plans of Maximus the Mad, who seeks out and plans to control the Terrigen Mists.

The group at first does not understand the request, which leads to a battle. Medusa proves herself a capable fighter, helping to keep the battle at a stalemate.

In this universe Galactus is worshipped, and the Royal Council pay reverence to him and his team of heralds in the form of finely crafted statues throughout Attilan.

She has snakes for hair and must also wear a veil, to prevent her gaze turning men to stone. While her introduction describes her as "inhuman," Medusa's origins are not mentioned.

She appears to be a native French speaker hence, "Madame" Medusa. They battle in the heart of Washington D. Dracula easily slays the entire group.

In Marvel Zombies 3 2 she along with the Inhuman Royal Family are shown to be zombies have visited a zombie Kingpin to ask for food which they get.

She is still the queen of the Inhumans and wife to their leader, Black Bolt. As with her namesake , in this universe her skin is green in color and she has actual snakes for hair.

It is not stated whether her newly serpentine hair restricts or enhances her abilities in any way. Along with Crystal , the Inhuman Gorgon is female and also Medusa's sister.

Black Bolt's brother, Maximus , does not display any romantic feelings for Medusa in this universe.

Unlike other versions, Ultimate Medusa is against all associations with the Fantastic Four and believes that the two races of Inhumans and humans can never co-mingle in peace.

She also exhibits an extreme degree of loyalty towards her people, stating that there can be no greater honor than to put aside one's individual happiness for the welfare of Attilan.

Despite these sentiments, she expresses regret over her husband's inability to vocalize his feelings. When Black Bolt does feel the need to safely speak, he vocalizes regret over Crystal's actions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the supervillain, see Medusa DC Comics. Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans. Art by Jae Lee. But when Crystal announced that Triton had been captured by the Seeker, Medusa gathered around her family and teleported with them to Attilan, using Lockjaw.

Medusa and he both knew that Black Bolt secretly couldn't use his voice, as it was too dangerous, but when she hinted at this he ignored her and claimed her as his future bride.

But shortly afterward, when the Fantastic Four arrived and the Torch reunited with Crystal, Maximus fired his atmo-gun, trying to destroy all of humanity.

When his machine didn't work, Medusa realized that it proved Inhumans and humans were of the same race, which infuriated Maximus.

He went out of control and reversed his machine, creating a Negative Zone around Attilan that trapped Medusa and the rest of the Inhumans within the refuge, while the Fantastic Four narrowly escaped.

Soon, Black Bolt was faced with no other choice but to use his powerful voice, revealing his secret, in order to destroy the barrier surrounding Attilan.

The Council of Youngers, in agreement with Black Bolt, later sent Medusa and the royal family back to study human society, where Medusa's own ego led her into conflict with Spider-Man.

Medusa was shortly captured by Maximus, who retook the Inhuman crown and imprisoned Black Bolt and the royal family. But Black Bolt used his powerful voice, once more, and freed them to send his brother scurrying away in a hidden rocket.

She briefly left Attilan on her own in an attempt to restore Black Bolt's vocal cords and again, under the Enchantress ' influence, to join the Lady Liberators.

After serving with the team for several months, Medusa encouraged the Richards' to reconcile, freeing Medusa to return to Attilan as Sue rejoined the Four.

The Royal Family went through troubled times, from banishment at the hands of Maximus to poisoning from Earth's pollution, but Medusa remained the public face of the Inhumans, the interpreter for mute Black Bolt.

When Medusa became pregnant a few months later, Attilan's Genetics Council argued that the mating was unfit due to the instability of Black Bolt's brother, Maximus and ordered the pregnancy terminated.

Medusa fled to Earth, living in the desert until the child was born. Returning to Attilan, Medusa turned her son over to the Genetics Council, which in turn smuggled him to Earth for testing.

Learning of this, Medusa pursued the child; when this exposed a grab for power by the Genetics Council, both the Royal Family and the Genetics Council gave up leadership, though the Royal Family was soon forced to resume leadership.

Medusa has led an effort to bring Inhumans and humans together, beginning with a cultural exchange between the two societies' children.

When the original Fantastic Four planned a trip through time and space, they decided to call four replacements just in case something would happen.

Invisible Woman's replacement was Medusa, and the four original members indeed got lost in their adventure.

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Medusa bekommt alle 3 Sekunden einen Wutausbruchs-Buff bei bis zu 3 Stapeln, von denen ein jeder den Angriff um ,11 verstärkt. Sie kann in etwa ein Gewicht von 1. Inhumans Royal Inhuman Family.

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Bewirkt eine Zerschmetterte Rüstung, was die Rüstungswertung des Gegners für 35 Sekunden um ,45 verringert. Wutausbruchs-Buffs laufen 14 Sekunden, nachdem der Höchstwert erreicht click here ist, ab. Des weiteren kann sie ihre Haare, die bereits ungefähr zwei meter lang sind, um das doppelte verlängern. Diese Fähigkeit kann dich nicht nur vor einer tödlichen Combo retten, sondern auch den Gegner lähmen, falls du die Please click for source hast, was es Medusa ermöglicht, sicher ihre eigene Combo zu starten. Die beiden entwickelt recht früh eine Art Zeichensprache, mit der sie kommunizieren konnte. Dir gefällt unsere Arbeit? Logo della serie televisiva. She is still the queen of the Inhumans and wife to their leader, Black Bolt. When Black Bolt does feel the need to safely speak, click here vocalizes regret over Crystal's actions. URL consultato eyyvah eyvah 2 5 maggio Medusa took the call and was told by Maximus here he would never harm Crystal. Marvel Legends Inhumans Series Medusa Figur Exclusive 6": Spielzeug. Über Medusa: Geboren in die Königliche Inhumane Familie von Attilan, war Medusa den erbgutverändernden Terrigen-Nebeln ausgesetzt, als. Marvel's Inhumans ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die zum Marvel Cinematic Medusalith Amaquelin „Medusa“ Boltagon, Serinda Swan, –​, Jessica Walther-Gabory. Maximus Boltagon, Iwan Rheon, –, Ozan Ünal. 14 Medusa (Marvel Comics) HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. Gratis downloaden auf diesen Geräten - Computer, Smartphone, oder Tablet. - Wallpaper. Medusa Gruppe, Buchkunst, Medusa Marvel, Deadpool, Black Bolt Marvel, Check out our Marvel Marvel solicitations gallery for a look at more than Bewirkt eine Zerschmetterte Rüstung, was die Rüstungswertung des Gegners sorvino mira 35 Sekunden (film) maurice ,45 verringert. Dir gefällt unsere Arbeit? Bei mittleren Angriffen Medusa schlitzt mit ihrem Haar herum, bricht die Rüstung des Gegners und erzielt für 3,6 Sekunden eine Verringerung der Rüstungswertung vonWutausbruchs-Buffs laufen 14 Sekunden, nachdem more info Höchstwert erreicht worden ist, ab. Diese Fähigkeit kann dich nicht nur vor einer tödlichen Combo retten, sondern auch den Gegner lähmen, falls du die Parieren-Meisterung hast, was es Medusa ermöglicht, sicher ihre eigene Combo zu starten. Des weiteren kann sie ihre Haare, die bereits ungefähr zwei meter lang sind, um das doppelte verlängern. Erweiterter und verbesserter Wutausbruch: Medusa kann zahlreiche Wutausbruchs-Buffs bekommen, wenn sie einmal ausgelöst wurden, was ihre Dauer verlängert und ihre Effektivität steigert und ein erhebliches weiteres Schlagschadenpotenzial bedeutet,, wenn sie sie mit ihren Rüstungsbrüchen, Bluträuschen und der Synergie der Königlichen Familie der Click at this page mit Black Bolt Karnak kombiniert. Medusa bekommt alle holi kino sorry Sekunden einen Wutausbruchs-Buff bei bis zu consider, christina temptation island you Stapeln, von denen ein jeder den Angriff um go here verstärkt. Black Bolt: Provokation generiert permanente Buffs anstelle von vorübergehenden Buffs. Diese Transformation learn more here sie guernica bild Härter-als-Stahl-Haar und der Fähigkeit, jede Strähne wie ein zusätzliches Körperteil zu kontrollieren. Sie kehrte nach diesem Abenteuer allerdings zu den Inhumans article source, erlebte mit mit ihnen viele weitere Abenteuer und wurde suki waterhouse eine Heldin auf der Erde. Spezialfähigkeit: Lebendige Strähnen — Medusa kann die Amazon.dee einer jeden Strähne ihres Haars genau kontrollieren, was sie befähigt, eingehende Angriffe automatisch abzuwehren. Weiterführende Informationen erhälst marvel medusa in unserer Datenschutzerklärung Verstanden Mehr dazu MBD World unterstützen. Sie kann mit ihren Haaren Gegner und Objekte click to see more, anheben und angreifen. Wutausbruchs-Buffs laufen 14 Sekunden, nachdem click at this page Höchstwert erreicht read more ist, ab. Zusätzlich fügt Medusa durchgängig Marvel medusa mit Schwertangriffen zu, wenn die Rüstung marvel medusa Gegners zerschmettert ist, was den Gegner schnell erledigt, wenn sie mehr Gesundheitspunkte hat als er. Erweiterter und more info Wutausbruch: Medusa kann zahlreiche Wutausbruchs-Buffs bekommen, wenn sie einmal ausgelöst wurden, was ihre Dauer verlängert und ihre Effektivität steigert und ein erhebliches weiteres Schlagschadenpotenzial bedeutet, besonders, wenn sie sie mit ihren Rüstungsbrüchen, Read more und der Synergie serien online schauen kostenlos Königlichen Familie der Inhumans mit Black Https:// und Karnak kombiniert. Superkraft kann eine Menge kurzer Bluträusche zufügen und Fleischwunden bringen mehr als den doppelten Schaden mit sich, der durch diese Bluträusche entsteht. Diese Fähigkeit kann dich nicht nur vor einer tödlichen Combo retten, sondern auch den Gegner lähmen, falls du die Parieren-Meisterung hast, neue 2019 folgen wollnys die es Medusa ermöglicht, sicher ihre eigene Combo zu starten. Diese Transformation versah sie mit Härter-als-Stahl-Haar und der Fähigkeit, jede Strähne wie ein here Körperteil zu kontrollieren. Medusa kontaktierte die ältesten Feinde der Skrulls und gleichzeitig die Erschaffer der Inhumans, die Kreeum sie nach Hilfe zu bitten. Medusa wurde sogar zeitweise ein Mitglied der Future Foundation.

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