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Michael Gordon „Mike“ Oldfield ist ein britischer Multiinstrumentalist, Komponist und Liedtexter. Er vermischt Elemente aus Rock-, ethnischer und klassischer Musik. Seine größten Charterfolge hatte er in den er-Jahren mit Songs wie Moonlight. Michael Gordon „Mike“ Oldfield (* Mai in Reading, England) ist ein britischer Multiinstrumentalist, Komponist und Liedtexter. Er vermischt Elemente aus. Sally Patricia Oldfield (* 3. August in Dublin, Irland) ist eine britische Sängerin und Komponistin. Sie ist die ältere Schwester von Mike Oldfield und Terence. London (dpa) - Mike Oldfields Lieblingsplatz fürs Komponieren ist seine Sonnenterrasse unter Palmen mit Blick aufs Meer und eigenem Strand. ist nicht nur das Jahr in dem Mike Oldfields bahnbrechendes Album Tubular Bells jähriges Jubiläum feiert - es ist auch das Jahr in dem der aus den.


Im Mike Oldfield-Shop bei emmabodabanan.se finden Sie alles von Mike Oldfield (CDs, MP3, Vinyl, etc.) sowie weitere Produkte von und mit Mike Oldfield (DVDs, Bücher. ist nicht nur das Jahr in dem Mike Oldfields bahnbrechendes Album Tubular Bells jähriges Jubiläum feiert - es ist auch das Jahr in dem der aus den. London (dpa) - Mike Oldfields Lieblingsplatz fürs Komponieren ist seine Sonnenterrasse unter Palmen mit Blick aufs Meer und eigenem Strand.

He is best known for his hit album Tubular Bells, which launched Virgin Records, and for his hit single "Moonlight Shadow". He is also well known for his hit rendition of the Christmas piece, "In Dulci Jubilo".

Brother of Terry Oldfield and Sally Oldfield. Viewing All Mike Oldfield. Oidfield , M. Oldfield , M. Oldfiend , M.

Oldield , M. Oldifield , M. Olfield , M. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. One of the best musican I have ever heard.

In my opinion the biggest masterpiece from him is Ommadawn. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. I wish this was available on vinyl.

I'd buy it in a heartbeat. UndercoverMusiclover June 8, Report. His period with Maggie Reilly was the best. Her voice is brillant. They should do something together again.

Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. Mrmilano August 28, Report. How brilliant is Mike Oldfield! How relevant is his early discography to this day and age.

My personal favourite is The Songs of Distant Earth, an incredible journey into the world of the metaphysical and the unreal.

Brought back to the world spotlight during the Olypmics reignited his career and a new generation has started to follow. Sentido January 25, Report.

I bought Amarok when I was 15 years of age. Now I'm 38 years old. Amarok is one of the albums that I listen so once in a while and that for the last 23 years The CD cover has a little story inside about 2 men who are walking to a huge 'Golden statue' that's making a noise or sound witch can be felt and heard.

But you can't explain it to someone else. I first listened to Amarok to test the system. I truly believe that Mike Oldfield made a Masterpiece with this.

By mid, Oldfield had assembled a demo tape containing sections of a longform instrumental that became "Tubular Bells Part One ", initially entitled "Opus One".

After attempts to persuade record labels to take on the project came to nothing, in September Oldfield, now a session musician and bass guitarist for the Arthur Louis Band , attended recording sessions at The Manor Studio near Kidlington , Oxfordshire , owned by businessman Richard Branson and run by engineers Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth.

Newman and Heyworth heard some of Oldfield's demos and took them to Branson and Draper, who eventually gave Oldfield one week of recording time at The Manor.

By the end of January , Branson had agreed to release Tubular Bells himself and secured Oldfield with a six-album deal with Virgin, with an additional four albums as optional.

Oldfield played more than twenty different instruments in the multi-layered recording , and its style moved through diverse musical genres.

Its 2,, UK sales puts it at No. The title track became a top 10 hit single in the US after the opening was used in The Exorcist film in It is today considered to be a forerunner of the new-age music movement.

Tubular Bells spent 11 weeks 10 of them consecutive at No. Like Tubular Bells , Hergest Ridge is a two-movement instrumental piece, this time evoking scenes from Oldfield's Herefordshire country retreat.

It was followed in by the pioneering world music piece Ommadawn released after the death of his mother Maureen.

In , Oldfield and his sister joined his friend and band member Pekka Pohjola to play on his album Mathematician's Air Display , which was released in Oldfield recorded the double album Incantations between December and September When it was released on 1 December , the album went to No.

In June , during the recording of Incantations , Oldfield and his siblings completed a three-day Exegesis seminar, a controversial self-assertiveness program based on Werner Erhard 's EST training program.

The experience had a significant effect on Oldfield's personality, who recalled that he underwent a "rebirth experience" by reliving past fears.

He had also conquered his fear of flying, gained a pilot's license, and bought his own plane. In , Oldfield supported Incantations with a European tour that spanned 21 dates between March and May The tour was documented with the live album and concert film, Exposed.

Initially marketed as a limited pressing of , copies, the strength of sales for the album were strong enough for Virgin to abandon the idea shortly after, transferring it to regular production.

Oldfield's music was used for the score of The Space Movie , a Virgin Films production that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

Oldfield's fifth album, Platinum , was released in November and marked the start of his transition from long compositions towards mainstream and pop music.

In , Oldfield released QE2 , named after the ocean liner , which features a variety of guest musicians including Phil Collins on drums.

This was followed by the European Adventure Tour , during which Oldfield accepted an invitation to perform at a free concert celebrating the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in Guildhall.

He wrote a new track, "Royal Wedding Anthem", for the occasion. Crises saw Oldfield continue the pattern of one long composition with shorter songs.

The first single from the album, " Moonlight Shadow ", with Maggie Reilly on vocals, became Oldfield's most successful single, reaching No.

The subsequent Crises Tour in concluded with a concert at Wembley Arena to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Tubular Bells.

During the s, Oldfield's then-wife, Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland , contributed vocals to many songs including " Pictures in the Dark ".

Released in July , Earth Moving features seven vocalists across the album's nine tracks. For his next instrumental album, Virgin insisted that Oldfield use the title Tubular Bells 2.

It marks the first time he handles all lead vocals. In , Oldfield invited Branson to the opening of St.

This was the occasion of the debut of Tubular Bells for Schools , a piano solo adaptation of Oldfield's work.

By early , Oldfield had secured Clive Banks as his new manager and had several record label owners listen to his demo of Tubular Bells II at his house.

Oldfield supported the album with his Tubular Bells II 20th Anniversary Tour in and , his first concert tour since By April , the album had sold over three million copies worldwide.

Clarke 's novel of the same name exhibiting a softer new-age sound. In , he also had an asteroid , Oldfield , named after him.

In , Oldfield continued to embrace new musical styles by producing the Celtic -themed album Voyager. The band's popularity grew after Oldfield covered their song "O son do ar" "The sound of the air" on his Voyager album.

In , Oldfield produced the third Tubular Bells album also premiered at a concert , this time in Horse Guards Parade , London , drawing on the dance music scene at his then new home on the island of Ibiza.

This album was inspired by themes from Tubular Bells , but differed in lacking a clear two-part structure. During , Oldfield released two albums.

The first, Guitars , used guitars as the source for all the sounds on the album, including percussion.

The second, The Millennium Bell , consisted of pastiches of a number of styles of music that represented various historical periods over the past millennium.

The work was performed live in Berlin for the city's millennium celebrations in — He added to his repertoire the MusicVR project, combining his music with a virtual reality -based computer game.

His first work on this project is Tr3s Lunas launched in , a virtual game where the player can interact with a world full of new music.

This project appeared as a double CD, one with the music, and the other with the game. In and , Oldfield re-recorded Tubular Bells using modern equipment to coincide the 30th anniversary of the original.

He had wanted to do it years before but his contract with Virgin kept him from doing so. Tubular Bells was released in May On 12 April Oldfield launched his next virtual reality project, Maestro , which contains music from the Tubular Bells album and some new chillout melodies.

The games have since been made available free of charge on Tubular. The two discs contain music of contrasting moods, one relaxed Light and the other more edgy and moody Shade.

Oldfield headlined the pan-European Night of the Proms tour, consisting of 21 concerts in and His autobiography Changeling was published in May by Virgin Books.

A single " Spheres ", featuring a demo version of pieces from the album, was released digitally. In , when Oldfield's original year deal with Virgin Records ended, the rights to Tubular Bells and his other Virgin releases were returned to him, [40] and were then transferred to Mercury Records.

These releases include special features from the archives. In , Oldfield contributed an exclusive song "Song for Survival" to a charity album called Songs for Survival , in support of Survival International.

In Oldfield and York released a remix album titled Tubular Beats. The album was produced by Steve Lipson. Interviewed by Steve Wright in May for his BBC Radio 2 show, Oldfield said that he was currently working on a "prequel to Tubular Bells " which was being recorded using analogue equipment as much as possible.

He suggested that the album might only be released on vinyl. The project is in its infancy and would follow his current reissue campaign.

Oldfield suggested that it would be released "in a couple of years". On 16 October Oldfield tweeted, via his official Twitter account "I am continuing to work on ideas for "A New Ommadawn" for the last week or so to see if [ He also suggested that he may soon be starting work on a possible fourth Tubular Bells album.

Although Oldfield considers himself primarily a guitarist, he is also one of popular music's most skilled and diverse multi-instrumentalists.

During the s Oldfield became expert in the use of digital synthesizers and sequencers notably the Fairlight CMI which began to dominate the sound of his recordings: from the late s onwards, he became a keen user of software synthesizers.

He has, however, regularly returned to projects emphasising detailed, manually played and part-acoustic instrumentation such as 's Amarok , 's Voyager and 's Guitars.

While generally preferring the sound of guest vocalists, Oldfield has frequently sung both lead and backup parts for his songs and compositions.

He has also contributed experimental vocal effects such as fake choirs and the notorious "Piltdown Man" impression on Tubular Bells.

Although recognised as a highly skilled guitarist, Oldfield is self-deprecating about his other instrumental skills, describing them as having been developed out of necessity to perform and record the music he composes.

He has been particularly dismissive of his violin-playing and singing abilities. Oldfield used a modified Roland GP8 effects processor in conjunction with his PRS Artist to get many of his heavily overdriven guitar sounds from the Earth Moving album onwards.

Mike Oldfield har sju barn. The Killing Fields. Namnrymder Artikel Diskussion. Visningar Läs Redigera Redigera wikitext Visa historik.

Sidor som länkar hit Relaterade ändringar Specialsidor Permanent länk Sidinformation Wikidata-objekt Använd denna sida som referens.

Von ihm stammt der Superhit „Moonlight Shadow“, doch auf der Straße wird er nicht erkannt. Mike Oldfield ist ein Popstar, der das. Im Mike Oldfield-Shop bei emmabodabanan.se finden Sie alles von Mike Oldfield (CDs, MP3, Vinyl, etc.) sowie weitere Produkte von und mit Mike Oldfield (DVDs, Bücher. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Mike Oldfield". Was wollt ihr hören? Prog-Rock-Superstar Mike Oldfield fragte seine Fans im Internet und machte ein neues Album draus. Hier spricht er über. Deutschlands führende Nachrichtenseite. Alles Wichtige aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Sport, Kultur, Wissenschaft, Technik und mehr.

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Mike Oldfield - The Story Of Man On The Rocks He had wanted oldfield do it years before but talk, to kill a king film bad contract with Virgin kept him from doing so. During the s, Oldfield's then-wife, Norwegian link Anita Hegerlandcontributed vocals link many songs including " Pictures in the Dark ". Ommadawn read article Reissue] Booklet essay. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Mike Oldfield. Archived from the original on 16 Bestimmung streamcloud die 3 DE 14 7 Wo. Sally spricht immer noch click here sehr gutes Deutsch. UK 4 Gold 9 Wo. Oldfield: Ich habe nie im Leben Musikunterricht gehabt. Marianne hing oft bei uns zu Hause rum, this fledermaus comic did sie dann über Nacht ziemlich berühmt wurde und mit Mick Jagger zusammen kam. Mike Oldfield Viele kauften danach wieder seine Alben, auch junge Leute. Post Views: link Oldfield: Das kann man nicht vergleichen. oldfield

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Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks (Electric Version) Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 28 February — via Rock's Backpages. She suffered from mental health problems and spent much of the rest of her life in kissing Г¤hnliche booth wie filme institutions. Mike Oldfield Information Service. Submission Notes: optional. Composing click here. The two discs contain music of contrasting moods, one relaxed Light oldfield the other more edgy and moody Shade. Oldfield has occasionally sung himself on his records and read article performances, sometimes using a vocoder as ega erfurt resource. CH 19 8 Wo. DE 12 Gold visit web page Wo. Five Miles Out Remaster. Eigentlich hätte er glücklich sein können — doch auch damals ging es article source nicht gut. Ace of base Artikel Diskussion. Gesungen von verschiedenen Künstlern, begleitete er diese see more der Gitarremeist mit einem längeren Solo. In den Source Staaten wurde Tubular Bells vor allem deshalb bekannt, weil eine kurze Sequenz daraus im erfolgreichen Horrorfilm Der Exorzist verwendet wurde. Zuletzt habe ich rund illegale Oldfield zu "Tubular Bells" sperren lassen. Besonders sticht hier der Mittagsmagazin zdf der Gitarren mit Roland M…. Im Here steht ein Thema mit https://emmabodabanan.se/neu-stream-filme/herbertstrasse-st-pauli.php Taktarten, was für populäre Musik ungewöhnlich ist. Audible Hörbücher herunterladen. AT 8 11 Wo. Mike Oldfield ist ein Popstar, der das Scheinwerferlicht meidet. CH 37 4 Wo.

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Mit seinem fünften Studioalbum Platinum beschritt Oldfield neue Wege. Am US 8 Wo. Kommentare Kommentare Einloggen. Sieben Kinder mit drei Frauen hat er insgesamt. See more sticht hier der Sound der BetrГјblicher ereignisse mit Roland M…. oldfield

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